Vehicle History Data Solutions

Revolutionizing how the automotive industry utilizes data

Experian transforms vehicle history data into actionable insights. Our clients use our data to make more informed decisions that better manage risk and improve business results.

We work with OEMs, dealers, lenders, auctions, and across the entire industry to provide the highest quality, most timely vehicle history data.

We analyze millions of data points from public and private sources such as auction data, open recall, and diverse accident sources. Experian provides up-to-date accident data in weeks, rather than months.

Vehicle History Data Sources

Accident Data

Tens of thousands of distinct accident sources, with most providing data exclusively to Experian.

Auction Data

3.3+ million exclusive auction announcements; most reporting structural damage.

Open Recall Data

98.96% manufacturer coverage based on vehicles in operation.

Private Data

Private data sources of salvage, sport, fleet, and repair information compiled and reported to Experian. 

Vehicle History Data Solutions

AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

The industrial strength vehicle history report that automotive professionals trust to help manage risk and confidently buy and sell the right vehicles.



Auto AccuSelect

Auto AccuSelect enables you to easily integrate different option packs of AutoCheck attributes into various platforms, portals or other control programs via a real-time API.

AutoCheck Triggers

Understand the changing characteristics of the vehicles in your portfolio - and maintain profitability.

NMVTIS Reports

NMVTIS is a federal database containing various types of vehicle records from states, insurance carriers, and the salvage industry. Experian is an authorized commercial reseller of NMVTIS reports.

Vehicle History Insights

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