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Experian's Automotive Intelligence Engine turbocharges your marketing effectiveness

Your marketing resources are limited, so you need them to perform. Today’s innovative auto dealers are turning to our powerful new marketing solution to identify the right potential audience, adopt the most appropriate communication channels, develop messages that resonate, and precisely measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

Experian's Automotive Intelligence Engine™ is our advanced dealer marketing intelligence platform that allows you to collect, sort, and cross-reference the richest data available to the automotive industry today. Using these insights, it develops clear action plans for each dealership’s unique local market. You’ll gain a competitive edge with precisely targeted actions to boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Dealer marketing intelligence to drive profitability for dealerships

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Pinpoint demand in your market with model-level vehicle sales, online traffic analysis, demographic and lifestyle insights. Generate efficient marketing strategies and powerful multi-channel media plans along with messaging that engages and converts.


Reach the best Conquest prospects across your markets by make/model, lease/loan status, geography, demographic and other predictive variables. Drive Loyalty with audiences based on automated monitoring of your customers' vehicle/life events- Even get CRM alerts when they're projected to be in-market.


Sales attribution with market share and ROI enable you to adjust strategy for optimal results. With market-level sales match-back, you’ll get the unique ability to identify both your share of the target audience’s vehicle purchases and know how many went to your competitors.


OPTIONAL: Marketing creative development and multichannel delivery services.

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Access Experian's Performance Managers expertise to maximize your marketing ROI

Our Performance Managers are Google Analytics experts, with access to exclusive training, events, and new product features. Being a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner allows us to serve our dealer partners more effectively.  So you can rest assured that you’re on the cutting edge of web analytics.

We go beyond Pay-Per-Click advertising, deploying a strategic approach to help dealerships achieve their objectives through better analysis of your data.

Automotive Intelligence Engine in Action

See how it's helping Ciocca Dealerships

Find out how Ciocca Dealerships is using the Experian Automotive Intelligence Engine to boost their ability to find, reach and retain more customers than ever before.

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