Automotive Retail Trends and Opportunities

A semi-annual review of findings from Experian's Automotive Market Insights Dashboard. This resource will help dealers and their agencies reinagine their advertising strategies, using available national and regional trends in automotive finance, registration, and consumer insights.

  • Compare automotive retail and finance trends to a range of economic indicators.
  • Track Conquest opportunities in each state by Off-Lease, Off-Loan and In-Equity.
  • Special focus on Millenial auto shoppers, their impact on the market, vehicle perferences and what makes them different traditional shoppers. 

Hyper-local predictions for the future of automotive retail markets

Learn how to hyper-target the right car to the right person at the right time with right message to drive your new car sales in a 15 mile radius around your store. Find out how to identity in-market signals before a consumer comes into market. 

Grow profits by getting hyper-local

Dealers oftern make million dollar decisions based on gut feel and assumptions don't align with real world data. Learn to utilize local market data to better understand specific customer segments, vehicle preferences and media channels. 

Unwrap profits this Christmas

In this webinar, we’ll help you celebrate Christmas in July! Learn how to prepare early to identifying opportunities with enough lead time to proactively target in-market shoppers to make your year end merry and bright and a start to very happy New Year. 

Does your inventory sit at the front of the class?

Help your inventory stand out in your market by highlighting vehicle specific benefits in targeted advertising. Learn to mitigate risk when you purchase inventory and how to evalute and calibrate your inventory mix.