Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Helpful Facts


Experian obtains information regulated by the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) for use by Experian and its clients in products and services.  The DPPA regulated data is used in accordance with the federal DPPA (18 USC § 2721) and the state law equivalents.  Experian has a long history of responsible and trusted information stewardship regarding regulated data.  Our Global Information Values are Accuracy, Balance, Integrity, Communication, and Security.

Examples of types of companies and entities that may acquire DPPA regulated information and potential uses include government agencies and law enforcement; automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for services such as safety recalls; banks, financial institutions, and other legitimate businesses for verification and fraud prevention; for litigation and court purposes; the production of statistical reports; and insurance companies for claims investigation, rating and underwriting.


In accordance with our Global Information Value of Accuracy, if you feel your motor vehicle or driver information from a Department of Motor Vehicles is incorrect, please contact the DMV directly. For your convenience, Experian has provided a list of all state DMVs and their website information.