Smarter targeting for better sales performance

It takes three things to sell a vehicle: a car, a consumer and credit. We are the only prime data source for all three. Experian’s Auto Audiences leverage that unique capability to take audience targeting to new levels of precision and reach to help you drive sales.

We’ll help you identify and connect with prospects who are in-market – or soon will be – as well as with current vehicle owners in your target market. We can help you get a clear view of what your best customers look like, and what your competitors' best customers look like.

We’ve leveraged insights from our unique combination of demographic, behavioral and vehicle ownership data resources to create and syndicate more than 600 Experian Auto Audiences to meet your specific targeting needs.

If you don’t find a syndicated Audience that’s right for you, we’ll work with you to produce one that is. Any Audience we build for you is privacy-safe, compatible with the platforms you already work with and capable of driving multi-channel campaigns.

Experian Automotive Perspective

Automotive audience choices are key to ever-changing strategies

The right audience for your specific marketing needs 

Whatever your objective, campaign or market makeup, we offer flexible audience options that drive results.

Rollover each audience segment to learn more. 


Over 600 readily-available Auto Audiences including make, model, body style, price, age and purchase dates for new and used vehicles.

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Even if it doesn't exist in our porfolio, we can create highly predictive look-alike audiences to meet your needs - usually within 48 hours.


When individual Syndicated Audiences come close but don't quite match your need, we'll combine or tweak them to quickly build a unique segment just for you.


We can help meet any campaign goal by identifying the most effective target attributes, by combining your data with ours to create a Custom Audience.


Experian's exclusive Premium Audiences helps you target off-lease, off-loan, and in-equity prospects. You'll know exactly who's in-market and how to reach them before your competitors do.

Leverage unsurpassed resources

Automotive data

Experian Auto Audiences are built on our unique and comprehensive combination of automotive and consumer data, using our world-class identity solutions.

This enables us to create a unified view of virtually every consumer in your market, which is why our solutions are used by the leading financial and security institutions as well as marketers like you. 

Consumer data

The first step in any data-driven marketing strategy is learning more about your best customer.

Our ConsumerViewSM marketing database contains data on more than 300 million individuals and 126 million households. It’s the freshest data, compiled directly from hundreds of sources on a monthly basis. It contains thousands of data attributes that reveal demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes for every individual and household, as well as Mosaic® USA data, our proprietary consumer lifestyle segmentation system.

Shift performance into overdrive

The performance of your audience segment is what’s most important to you, and our Auto Audiences drive performance.

We constantly measure the targeting performance of our syndicated Auto Audiences. We know that, when measured against a U.S. benchmark audience, the results of the Experian Auto Audiences yield up to four times the overall vehicle purchases1 and anywhere from six to 24 times the purchase results when targeting likely purchasers of specific brands.2

So if you need to take your automotive marketing results to new levels, you should explore our Auto Audience portfolio. 

Top financial, lending and retail organizations already count on Experian’s credit and consumer data. Now discover why our unique combination of data and capabilities makes us a compelling choice to power your automotive marketing efforts. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!


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1. Based on analysis of purchase performance of “extremely likely” and “likely” Experian Auto Audience segments vs. U.S. benchmark audience.
2. Based on analysis of purchase performance of “extremely likely” and “likely” Experian Auto Audience segments (by brand) vs. U.S. benchmark audience.

Auto Audience

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