Automotive Credit Profiles

Are you guarding your business against unnecessary risk?

Experian Automotive offers innovative automotive credit reports to help you more efficiently interpret credit information by prominently providing automotive-specific data right where you need it - at the beginning of each report. This reduces error and allows you to focus on the relevant information needed to ensure you are making the most informed decisions in the most efficient way possible.

Now you can also take advantage of cost-effective credit report packages based on the exclusive partnerships we have established with major captive finance organizations.

Key Features and Benefits

Revolutionizes credit reporting as the first-of-its-kind automotive loan summary

Organizes tradelines for greater efficiency and ease of use

Summarizes tradelines for enhanced speed and accuracy

Streamlines credit reviewing process for the best decision making

Additional Fraud Shield Option

Fraud shield is the first line of defense that allows you to instantly and specifically recognize the warning signs of potential fraud. The optional Fraud Shield Score combines both fraud and credit variables into one cumulative score to help you gain efficiency in credit decisioning.

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