Instant decisioning

Access to the best data, analytics, attributes and scores so you can make better, more-profitable decisions — instantly

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Grow your portfolio with instant decisioning

Making fast, well-informed decisions is the name of the game when it comes to growing your portfolio. Our proprietary data, attributes and scores unlock deeper, actionable insights that help you provide relevant offers and instantly determine if a customer qualifies for additional credit products at the point of sale. 

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Make targeted offers

Increase your marketing ROI by focusing on consumers who are relevant to your business and most likely to respond to your offers. Instant credit decisioning enhances the lead-generation process by allowing you to match consumers with the products that meet their credit profile before they apply — driving higher approval rates once the application is submitted.

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Expand your business portfolio

Our instant decisioning solutions empower you to extend credit prequalifications in real time and present relevant offers to prospective business customers. Prescreen against your organization’s decision policy, so you can make the right decision in real time. 


Power portfolio growth with instant credit decisioning

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