Connecting payers, providers, and members

Forge more productive relationships with provider networks and engaged members

We deliver the technology pathways, cross-communications tools, and data insights you need to automate time-consuming processes, improve connectivity, and better manage the health of your populations.

Our EDI payer connectivity solutions come with the device and identity intelligence needed to secure patient portal access. With this continuous privacy protection in place, members are assured their personal information is safe.

For payers to migrate from fee-for-service to fee-for-value depends on their ability to enable members to proactively participate in their wellness. Only then can the cost and quality of care be effectively managed, and outcomes improved.

We deliver payer solutions that help you:

  • Address inefficient and costly challenges associated with unable-to-contact (UTC) member rates
  • Accurately link member identities
  • Comply with 6055 reporting requirements
  • Prevent medical identity theft
  • Improve member access, communication and engagement
  • Reduce administrative spend and overall costs

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:

Universal Identity Manager

Improving the safety, speed, quality and cost of care by accurately identifying patients and matching their records within and across disparate healthcare organizations.

Precise ID®

Precise ID for healthcare portals provides healthcare organizations with a way to confidently authenticate patients and reduce risk during enrollment.

Identity Verification

Using the industry’s most expansive, dependable and regulated data sources to arm patient access staff with the latest information during pre-registration and at the point of service.

Authorization and Eligibility

Quickly and easily validate patient co-pay, benefit and deductible information at any point in the revenue cycle. Put healthcare workflow automation into action.

Coverage Discovery®

Coverage Discovery helps find billable Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurances previously unknown or forgotten, identifying accounts that may be submitted for payment.

Clinical Data Clearinghouse

Clinical Data Clearinghouse moves key data among healthcare entities, using the intelligence and flexibility of its hub to achieve interoperability.


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