Data-driven solutions for member engagement

Encourage your members to have proactive involvement in their health and wellbeing

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What do your members do, need, prefer? How much can they afford for healthcare? How do they live? You could guess – or you can let the data guide your decisions.

Experian Health is squarely positioned to deliver the insights you need with its unmatched data sets and analytic platforms. With the backing of Experian’s robust platforms and data assets, we can deliver the most comprehensive view of today’s health consumer:

  • We have the largest and most accurate database of consumer data with 1500+ data points on 300 million consumers and 126 million households with 97% accuracy.
  • We can pull insights on 220+ million credit consumers, along with their propensity-to-pay, to illuminate who to target and when.
  • We also have 136 million unique patient identifiers, accounting for 43% of the US population.

Reach your members with the right message in the marketing channel they prefer.

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:

Member Utilization Management

Understand in real time when your members are seeking treatment so that your care team can rally around their episodes to optimize for quality and cost.

Resolve Patient Identities

Leverage accurate reference data to solve matching challenges.

Protect Patient Identities

Reduce risks during patient enrollment. 

Enrich Patient Identities

Ensure the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Leverage Consumer Data

Develop a personal relationship with your consumer-patients.


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