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Helping health plans close more gaps in care

Health plans and ACO’s have long struggled with inaccurate member contact data, incomplete member profiles, duplicate records, time-consuming three-way calls with members and providers, and ultimately closing gaps in care effectively.

With our member engagement suite of solutions, you can:

Receive real time notification of member activity in the continuum of care

Enrich, protect and resolve member data to better communicate and engage with members

Understand and activate ideal member communication preferences

Enable member engagement teams to book digitally with providers seamlessly

Drive engagement strategies that consider the member’s social risk factors using social determinants and business intelligence

Improve Star Ratings and Quality scores

140% increase in scheduling rates

A large Medicaid managed care plan saw a 140% increase in scheduling rates by eliminating three-way calls and a 51% increase in member show rates.

Featured Solution: Member Scheduling

  • Member Self-Scheduling: guide members to the right provider and appointment to meet their needs and allows them to schedule it at their convenience. 
  • Call Center Search and Schedule: enable agents to find the right provider and appointment for members care and social determinants of health needs without making three-way calls.  
  • Automated Outreach: prompt members to self-schedule appointments (annual visits, care gaps, etc.) via interactive voice response (IVR) or text (SMS) messages sent in targeted campaigns. 
56 percent

Gaps in care closed through digital scheduling solutions

26 percent

Reduction in Emergency Department/ Inpatient utilization

38 percent

Bookings occur outside of office hours

All Health Plan Solutions

Consumer Data Insights

Acquire new members, drive deeper engagement and improve enrollment rates using Experian’s consumer data approved for digital and traditional marketing outreach and adherent of consumer data privacy regulations.


Social Determinants of Health

 Receive patient engagement strategy recommendations for your members that are SDOH factor-specific, with insight into why and based on best practice interventions.  Also includes preferred communication channel to inform the outreach strategy. 

Member Identity Resolution

Universal identity Manager intakes all instances of a member profile, including duplicates, and creates a single view of the member, allowing health plans to confidently reach out to members around open enrollment.

On-Demand Webinar

4 Strategies to better understand your members

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