Drive growth while managing risk

Addressing the evolving and diverse needs across the customer lifecycle is key to providing your customers with a frictionless customer journey.


Empower your marketing efforts by using relevant data to:

•  Find new customers
•  Identify the right prospects
•  Segment customers


Integrate frictionless automated decisioning to:

•  Onboard and underwrite new customers effectively
•  Reduce decisioning cycle time
•  Identify fraudulent applicants


Effectively manage your existing customers to:

•  Optimize portfolio growth 
•  Minimize portfolio risk
•  Offer better loans to ideal customers


Improve your portfolio stablity to:

•  Minimize fraud and credit losses
•  Ensure data accuracy
•  Reduce overall risk and exposure


Stay ahead of the competition by:

•  Using innovative technologies and software solutions
•  Gaining access to advisory consulting expertise and support across the lifecycle

Helping you help businesses thrive through data and insights.

Experian's Business Information Services is a leader in providing data and predictive insights to businesses.

Our business database provides comprehensive, third-party-verified information on 99.9% of all U.S. companies, with the industry’s most extensive data on the broad spectrum of small and midsize businesses.


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We keep innovating to help make your business thrive

Here at Experian, we innovate to anticipate your evolving needs and of your customers. We help you gain the competitive edge to boost your profitability while navigating economic uncertainties.


Leveraging the power of machine learning and our revolutionary probabilistic search match technology, OneSearch can deliver improved match rates and turnaround times, making it easier for you to find the business you are looking for. 

Learn more about OneSearch

Ascend Commercial SuiteTM

Experian Ascend Commercial Suite is a technology platform enabling Experian’s Analytical Sandbox, Benchmarking, and Ascend Data Services. It is our integrated state-of-the-art hybrid cloud solutions to power opportunities.

Learn more about Ascend Commercial Suite

Experian SBFE Data

Experian's innovative analytic techniques, platforms, and delivery systems help you accelerate model development, maximize portfolio performance, and develop powerful business strategies.

Learn more about Experian SBFE Data

Protect your business against multiple types of fraud

As part of the Sentinel™ Commercial Entity Fraud Suite, Identity Velocity™ lets you identify and evaluate fraud threats with real-time decisioning.

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