Solving for Commercial Entity Fraud


Improve your approval process. With less interruption on your best customers and without compromising fraud identification.

We’ll partner with you to:

  • Enhance your customer experience by differentiating fraud types. Avoid unnecessary friction and apply the right type of processes.
  • Improve operational efficiency. Replace labor-intensive and costly investigations with intelligent, objective, and reliable decisioning automation.
  • Optimize workflows and simplify data management. Centralize your decisioning, avoid disparity in fraud signals, and consolidate your vendor strategy with one trusted partner. 
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Empowering fraud and risk managers with effective tools. Helping improve your customers' experience.

Data you can trust

Beyond the breadth, depth, contemporary state, and relevancy of our working data, the standards of our information security practices ensure our data is not compromised – delivering quality products and reliable results.

Blended analytics (consumer + commercial)

Data on 250M consumers and 28M businesses of all sizes. 

We incorporate a blended approach where our products are powered by combination of public records, non-traditional sources, as well as proprietary commercial and consumer data. By combining multiple sources, our data produce holistic evaluations and present results with outmost confidence.

Prescriptive modeling for actionable decisioning

Through proprietary sets of fraud-indicative attributes and machine-learned models, our products are able to identify fraud types that are specific to commercial lines of business.

Trust Experian as your partner. We help our largest clients to detect and prevent millions in fraud each year.

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Commercial First Party Fraud Score

Commercial entity fraud has always been a pain point for many of our clients and has now become an immediate priority to solve, given the current market dynamics.

Identity Fraud in Commercial Lending

Find out what’s driving the explosion of fraud in commercial lending as newly digitized services have created entry points for mutating forms of commercial entity fraud.

Mitigating Fraud During a Crisis

In 2019, 3 in 5 businesses noticed an increase in fraud over a 12-month period. Today, in the face of COVID-19 and the economic downturn, it’s safe to assume that these numbers have increased.

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