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Mitigating Fraud During a Crisis

In 2019, 3 in 5 businesses noticed an increase in fraud over a 12-month period. Today, in the face of COVID-19 and the economic downturn, it’s safe to assume that these numbers have increased.

In this Sip and Solve session, Experian's commercial fraud expert, Li Mao, discusses the process of introducing friction into credit processes to discourage fraudsters. He'll also talk about:

  • The most common types of fraud you can expect during COVID-19
  • What first-party fraud is and how you can detect it
  • Tips on how you can combat first-party fraud and more



Li Mao

Li Mao, Product Manager

Li Mao is a Product Manager of our Global Data Network, our international offering that supports companies who are operating internationally manage their risk for customer acquisition and across their portfolio. Li is focused on creating a set of tools that will enable professionals to make the best decision in the most efficient way. He is passionate about leveraging new technologies and challenging the norm in order to move the industry forward.


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