Elevate your marketing strategy with the power of credit data

Start putting your hard work to work

Market smarter with credit data

Ready to start filtering out unqualified leads? Together we can streamline your processes, putting your hard work to work. Start attracting highly qualified prospects with the power of credit data embedded in your prospecting tool. Let’s put your credit expertise to work.

Experian’s Business TargetIQ™ is a new marketing platform that combines B2B marketing and credit risk data to deliver a powerful new approach to prospecting.

Unparalleled credit data

Leverage powerful marketing and credit data to find, acquire and retain more of the right customers in new segments.

Data management

We give you the ability to derive meaningful insights from data, organized on a beneficial platform.


Find more of your best customers with look-alike matching through our enhanced filters and credit data.

Market challenges

Today marketing has numerous prospecting platforms and siloed data sets that are misaligning the front- and back-end marketing objectives. Stop wasting marketing dollars on leads that fail to meet credit policy requirements. Start using Experian’s Business TargetIQ to gain insights into your customer portfolio and attract your best look-alike prospects.

Fast facts

  • 25 million businesses, including verified and Canadian data
  • 40+ Experian credit risk attributes
  • Custom models available
  • Enhanced data (ability to integrate with your portfolio)
  • Smart marketing platform

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