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Intelliscore Plus

Dramatically improve financial results with breakthrough predictive power

Intelliscore Plus is Experian’s premier business credit score model, providing an easy-to-use 1 to 100 percentile risk score. You can assess risk quickly and reduce slow-pay and write-offs, all while improving efficiency with score segmentation.

The score accesses more than 800 variables — resulting in an unparalleled view of your prospects and customers. You also can request consumer data on the business owner, creating a highly predictive blended score.

Intelliscore Plus can be delivered as a standalone report, combined with a BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM or delivered as part of regular scoring of your entire portfolio.

  • A scoring powerhouse — The score and report provide key insights into a business’s payment trends, public record filings, collections and business background information.
  • Blended data option — Receive a blended score, with both business owner and business information. This is the most predictive for small businesses.
  • No self-reported data — All data behind Intelliscore Plus is third-party-reported, with no self-reported data allowed or influencing the score.

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