Intelliscore Plus V3

Dramatically improve financial results with breakthrough predictive power

Intelliscore Plus V3 is Experian’s premier business credit available in two new model options. Our new models offer significant boosts in performance gains with 36% improvement in score performance and 50% improvement in score performance vs a consumer only model. You can assess risk quickly and reduce slow-pay and write-offs, all while improving efficiency with score segmentation. The new score scale now aligns with many consumer score scales ranging from 300-850 giving our clients more flexibility  in setting cut-offs and developing risk strategies.

Intelliscore Plus V3 can be delivered as a standalone report, combined with a BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM or delivered as part of regular scoring of your entire portfolio.

  • A scoring powerhouse — The score and report provide key insights into a business’s payment trends, public record filings, collections and business background information.
  • Blended data option — Receive a blended score, with both business owner and business information. This is the most predictive for small businesses.
  • No self-reported data — All data behind Intelliscore Plus is third-party-reported, with no self-reported data allowed or influencing the score.

Tradition Logistic Regression Model — A statistical model used as an algorithm that distinguishes between two possible outcomes like pass/fail. In a credit model, typical outcomes are a current account vs. past due account. A complex version of a Logistic Regression-based model is used in generic Experian risk scores.

Machine Learned Model — Machine learned is the application of a machine learning technique with a static deployment. We know that models need to be stable and explainable. A model that employs machine learning uses advanced methodologies and tools to provide significant predictive lift. Once a model is trained and optimized, a static version is deployed.

Experian’s Intelliscore Plus V3 is available today via API and NetConnect. Talk with your Account Executive today for availability on the platform you use to order BIS scores and reports.

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