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Experian/Moody’s Analytics Main Street Report
Developed by Experian and Moody’s Analytics, the new Experian/Moody’s Analytics Main Street Report brings deep insight into the overall financial well-being of the small-business landscape, as well as providing commentary around what certain trends mean for credit grantors and the small-business community as a whole.

Previous reports:

  • Evolution of Analytics
    Explore how businesses can overcome their automated credit decisioning challenges and more with predictive analytics.
  • Automating Your Credit Decisions
    Automation doesn’t happen overnight; it involves a series of steps. Learn the steps to automating your credit decisions.
  • Creating a Recession-Proof Collections Models
    Is your company ready for the next recession? Even though the current economy is strong, experts are seeing some early warning signs indicating that the next recession is on the horizon.
  • Most politically independent entrepreneurs look like Republicans
    While most in the political arena believe Independents and Republicans share many of the same political views, small-business owners who identify as one of the two major political parties also share similarities outside of politics. Business owners who identify as Independents relate more closely to Republicans than to Democrats in a number of areas, including average personal income, education level and credit usage.
  • Study reveals opportunities for minority-owned business lending
    As a group, minority-owned businesses receive far fewer commercial loans and have significantly fewer trade accounts than the general small-business population. At the same time, minority-owned businesses have average business credit scores that should qualify them as viable prospective borrowers. This whitepaper highlights key findings from a recent analysis of minority-owned business data. They include a review of the study, the major insights revealed, and suggestions for how a change in common business practices can deliver “win-win” outcomes for minority businesses and the lenders that extend them credit.
  • The State of Online Marketplace Lending
    In 2008, a short two years after the first online marketplace lenders opened for business, the Great Recession began to wreak havoc on worldwide financial markets. Small businesses struggled to survive, banks failed and access to capital was limited. More online lenders saw an opportunity and opened for business. These technology-driven newcomers hired an army of data scientists, coders and digital marketers. In the fall of 2015 the innovation, industry disruption and regulatory uncertainty that characterize this dynamic sector led Experian to produce a series of articles focusing on different aspects of online marketplace lending. This report contains those articles.
  • Rekindling Success
    Uncovering your portfolio’s hidden potential using advanced triggers to prevent risk.
  • Lending in Limbo
    Find out why lenders are taking another look at growth companies.
  • A Widening Focus
    Small and mid-sized customers are becoming a steadier source of profits for large companies so risk and credit management strategies at companies should be revised...
  • Unlocking the Value in Business Information
    As hopes for a robust return to market growth continue to dim, and as companies increasingly find that cost-cutting alone is no longer enough to protect the bottom line...
  • The Changing Mortgage Landscape
    An in-depth analysis of the mortgage boom and bust as illustrated by consumer mortgage credit supply and demand.
  • Insight Report: Fighting Fraud in the Government’s Age of Austerity
    Over £1 billion paid out in fraudulent benefit claims & social housing provision could be eradicated if simple fraud-prevention techniques were implemented more widely across the public sector.
Quarterly Business Credit Review
Get the insights behind the latest Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report
Previous recordings:

Minority Business Owners — an Experian Data Study
Experian Business Information Services recently concluded a data study to explore how minority-owned small businesses are faring in today’s economy. The analysis highlights credit characteristics, industry preferences and demographic attributes of business owners.

Small business owners and political affiliation
In this webinar Peter Bolin, Director of Consulting & Analytics for Experian shares the results of his research, revealing the statistical differences between small business owners in each of the major political parties. We explore the kinds of industries jobs are being created, also how small business owner credit scores compare as we gear up for the coming election season.

Online marketplace lending — a 360-degree industry view
In this webinar, Experian provided a 360-degree industry view of the fast-growing Online Marketplace Lending industry. Our experts help explain go-to-market strategies, self-regulation vs. government regulation and why this fintech-driven segment of financial services is attracting so much attention from investors, banks and the small businesses they lend to.

Data Study on U.S. Small Business Startups
It’s no secret that starting a new business is a risky proposition, but so is providing the funding start-ups need to open their doors, gain traction and begin to grow. In a study of business starts between 2010 and 2014 Experian reveals that not only are start-ups not as risky as conventional wisdom might suggest, but funding a new business early offers a careful lender unique benefits.

Getting Better B2B Marketing Insights
Companies are collecting more data than ever before on prospects and customers alike, but are having trouble making the most of that data. Information is often bad or incomplete, making it difficult to answer common questions like - How many customers do I actually have? Which ones should I upsell to? What channels should I be using for acquisition? What’s the real opportunity out there? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices for driving the most value from your business marketing data, and gain insights to maximize results.

  • The State of Small Business — A snapshot of minority-owned businesses
    As part of our ongoing analytical series on small business, Experian just completed a data study focused on U.S. minority owned businesses. This Infographic offers a summary of our findings.
  • Spotlight on Small Business Startups
    Experian Business Information Services and our Decision Analytics team recently completed a data study on the formation of startups between 2010 and 2014. This Infographic summarizes some of the findings in the study.
  • Big Data Being Used For Good
    Big Data can have a significant impact on society. In this Infographic we highlight a few examples where Big Data has been used to turn insights into action, and serve society in a positive way.
  • Snap-on Credit
    Snap-on Credit LLC has been an Experian user for more than 10 years and relies on Experian data when making credit decisions within its leasing program.
  • C&H Distributors
    Experian’s BusinessIQ Premier ProfileSM helps C&H Distributors, LLC expedite risk assessment and manage costs in a fast-paced direct-marketing environment.
  • Rubicon Project
    Experian’s International Developed Profiles helps Rubicon Project to safely expand into untapped markets.
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    BusinessIQSM helps shorten client’s credit application process of new accounts.
  • Wurth Louis and Company
    Wurth Louis and Company minimizes risk with BusinessIQ.
  • Edward Don & Company
    DecisionIQSM helps Edward Don & Company reduce time and expenses for new account acquisitions.
  • Interline Brands
    DecisionIQ brings revenue growth and increased efficiencies.
  • PC Mall, Inc.
    Data quality and BusinessIQ reduce risk and save money.
  • Secura Insurance Companies
    SECURA Insurance faced the challenge of upholding high underwriting standards while also responding in a timely manner to clients and agents.
  • LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc.
    LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. improves its portfolio management and enjoys competitive benchmarking using Experian data and business services.
  • Daylight Transport
    Daylight TransportTM chose Experian Business Information Services to speed approvals, meet sales growth objectives,and manage risk and cash flow.
  • Experian Order to Cash
    Enhancing its enterprise-wide client master and improving collections strategies in parallel with tools from Experian’s Business Information Services group...