Industry Trends, Reports and Case Studies

Information is the key to making successful business decisions. The resources below will provide real life examples of our valuable products through case studies, business credit insights through our reports, and unique perspectives through expert whitepapers.

Commerical Insights Hub

A one-stop location for up-to-date credit insights on U.S. small businesses. Experian offers deep insights and a unique view on how they are performing.

Business Information Resources

Experian/Oxford Economics Main Street Report

The Experian/Oxford Economics Main Street Report brings deep insight into the overall financial well-being of the small-business landscape and provides commentary around what specific trends mean for credit grantors and small businesses. Critical factors in the Main Street Report include a combination of business credit data (credit balances, delinquency rates, utilization rates, etc.) and macro-economic information (employment rates, income, retail sales, industrial production, etc).