Experian Commercial Data Science

Our team of statisticians, analysts, and consultants enable and guide clients to meaningful insights in support of strategic goals enabling sustained and dramatic growth. 

The Experian Commercial Data Science team is recognized for industry and market expertise in interpreting commercial and consumer credit data and through that knowledge develop and implement industry leading solutions. We present research, trends, and new bleeding edge AI methodologies to industry and trade groups.

Our ability to consolidate consumer, commercial, and non-traditional data sources, within applied analytic engagements and create consumable deployable solutions by experienced consultants is a proven value add to our clients.

Help your leadership teams to prepare and implement safeguards for growth even in lean times by benchmark commercial trends including forward looking insights.

Provide analytic guidance and statistical support to risk compliance and governance teams when your teams needs additional capacity.

Provide research, development, documentation, regulatory consulting, and recommendations on non-traditional data to keep your strategies on the forefront of innovation.

Our scope is broad in service from the sole proprietor up to the largest financial institutions. We use this experience to right size solutions and optimize return on investment.

Experian Commercial Data Science consultants can create custom solutions to fit any size business strategy.

Step up your customer satisfaction and engagement through more predictive analytics and automation. We help clients reach levels of 70%+ automated decisions to speed decisions and client satisfaction in this age of accelerated digitalization.

Expand your reach into new markets and product offering that fit your business growth goals and risk tolerance. Target even in lean times.

The Commercial Data Science team provides consulting services in support of:


Model implementation    |    Validation  |    Audit   |    Market engagement strategies

Validate a new strategy against your current champions

AI and machined learned scores provide 17%+ lift over traditional market consumer and commercial models.

Evaluate the power of blending consumer and commercial information in decisioning

Provide 35% lift over the use of commercial only data.

Layer advanced strategies to enhance segmentation

Drive growth and reach underserved profitable customers.

Meet the Experts

Want to learn more about the insights presented here? Connect with our subject matter experts from the Commercial Data Sciences team for a deeper dive.

Brodie Oldham

Brodie Oldham

Senior Director of Analytic Consultancy

Brodie leads a team of statistical consultants with diverse skills to provide clients with leading edge analytic-driven information solutions, services, and actionable insights. He is an industry expert, who speaks on behalf of Experian at industry conferences.

Emily Garrett

Emily Garrett

Manager of Commercial Decision Sciences for Ascend Platform

Emily leads a team of analytical consultants with strong statistical and decision science skills who focus on bringing the rich and diverse data contained within the Ascend platform. She brings a strong analytical background, including in small business lending, and uses this experience to lead innovation within the small business lending space.

Javier Rodriguez-Paiva

Javier Rodriguez-Paiva

Strategic Analytic Consultant

Javier leads fraud analytics consulting in the Commercial Decision Sciences team at Experian. In his role, he assists clients with comprehensive fraud management strategies, with an eye on both loss mitigation and business growth. Javier has 10+ years of experience in the analytics consulting role and the financial industry, with a wide breadth of hands-on experience in risk, financial, sales, and marketing data-driven strategy development.

Marsha Silverman

Marsha Silverman

Strategic Analytic Consultant

Marsha leads strategic analytic solutions within Experian’s US Commercial Data Sciences team. In her role, she consults with various clients to drive comprehensive businesses strategies through use of Experian data and analytics across the product lifecycle from prospecting, account acquisition and underwriting through account management. Marsha is an industry expert with 30 years of experience in Financial Services focusing on both risk and marketing analytics for consumer and commercial lending.

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