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Activate your best audience across channels

We have partnerships with over 85 of the country’s largest media providers across TV, online, mobile, email and direct mail, so you can seamlessly launch cross-channel, addressable campaigns.

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Meet your marketing objectives

Leverage data to create and activate audiences. We partner with agencies, platforms and advertisers to help you identify the right audience segments.

How we can help

From segmentation to custom model development, our expertise and partnerships can take your marketing activation capabilities to the next level.

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Consumer database marketing

Create relevant messaging that resonates with your audience and is activated on channels they prefer.

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Customer acquisition

Target more effectively and maximize lifetime value.

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Marketing campaign execution

Effectively meet today’s customers with a one-to-one message wherever they may be.

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Omnichannel marketing

Activate campaigns on the channels your audience frequents the most.

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Commercial database marketing

Leverage powerful commercial data to make the most impactful marketing messages and increase ROI.

It all starts with marketing — Let’s get started, together

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