The Experian Marketing Engine

A revolutionary approach to automotive marketing

Find and target the right consumers at the right time with the right offer

The Experian Marketing EngineTM offers marketing solutions to help automotive marketers understand their unique market and customers, select the right audience, activate it on the most effective channels, and measure the results. Our solutions support OEMs, dealers, aftermarket, advertising agencies, and media platforms.



Predictive and lifestyle data to build segmented campaigns.



Data-based insights to choose the best audience, channel, and message. 



Build unified consumer profiles by linking data sources across channels



Launch and activate digital campaigns across all channels with more than 100+ media partners.



Measure online and offline campaign ROI to gain insights into planning future campaigns. 

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The power of Experian Data

Get a new sphere of insights with Experian’s vehicle, consumer, online and credit data to ignite a more unified approach to data-driven intelligence. Using our vast in-house data resources, we can link our data to yours so you can transform unprecedented insights into more powerful actions.