You need three things to sell a vehicle: a car, a consumer and credit

Shouldn't you work with a leading expert in all three?

Experian powers automotive marketing.

We are the only primary data source for all three things- vehicles, consumers and credit.

We uniquely transform data into powerful insights to help you find, reach and retain customers- and we can prove it.

Experian Marketing Engine

Identity Resolution

Link together disparate sources of consumer data to build unified customer profiles.

Automotive Audience Targeting

Reach consumer segments based on high quality in-the-market and vehicle purchase data.

Multi-channel Media Activation

Activation of audiences across Experian's digital ecosystem of media partners and digital platforms. 

Campaign Measurement

Measurement and attribution improves understanding and optimization of cross-channel campaign effectiveness.

Power up your marketing 

Experian Marketing Engine helps connect online and offline identities, identify highly specific, in-market automotive audiences; distribute omnichannel campaigns across numerous media destinations; and track campaign performance based on actual sales results.

We leverage automotive-specific insights, including purchase behaviors, ownership data and automotive equity and combine them with marketing data like demographics, purchasing habits and lifestyle interests so brands can have more meaningful interactions with prospective car buyers.



Experian Marketing Engine

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