Omni-channel consumers move rapidly from screen to store, making it imperative for you to ensure an omni-channel experience with your brand for your next potential customer.  Not only does Experian have the consumer and automotive data that enables you to precisely target Auto Audiences; we also have relationships with media partners and data onboarding capabilities that enable quick, coordinated activation of your campaign across channels.

Cross-channel activation

Your brand message needs to reach your best audience in multiple channels and we have the platform and partnerships to make this happen seamlessly.  Experian has pipes to over 85 media destinations including email, online, mobile and TV helping you reach those individuals across channels, devices and publishers.  You can take advantage of our activation capabilities in a variety of ways.

OmniActivation and Audience Engine

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Audience Engine is our unique platform to create your best audiences and activate them across the marketing ecosystem to which we’re connected. 

Our digital professionals can work with you to ensure that your audiences and addressable campaigns get to where they need to be. 

Or you can take control of it yourself as an Audience Engine subscriber.

Audience Onboarding

audience targeting

We connect your audience to their digital identifiers to enable 1-to-1 digital targeting. 

Not only can we achieve this with our own audience data; we can also activate your offline customer data or segments to power online marketing. 

Our wealth of data enables us to match and onboard audiences with scale and accuracy.

Addressable TV

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Leveraging addressable TV capabilities can help you segment and deliver your message more effectively. 

Experian works with every addressable TV provider, which means we can help you launch campaigns at the household level across every platform. 

Even more importantly, we can help you measure the sales impact of your TV campaign with our measurement solutions.

Reach consumers more effectively

Experian’s solutions are media-agnostic, meant to complement DSMs and DSPs rather than replace them.  As a neutral, privacy-compliant third-party, we provide superior data and linkage capability to append, cleanse, match and distribute audiences.  We make it possible to connect with consumers on their terms, so you’ll be paid back with their trust, loyalty and brand advocacy. 

Media Activation

Interested in finding out more about our Media Activation capabilities?

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