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Today's automotive OEM marketers, agencies, and large dealer groups are challenged to reach the right audience with relevant messages across the consumer auto shopping journey. With the explosion of personal devices, shifting media consumption, and changing buying behaviors, marketers understand the key is first to find the right customers to target. Marketers understand that first-party data is highly valuable but is often incomplete and ages quickly. It frequently benefits from third-party data enhancements.

Savvy marketers use a data-based decisioning approach to learn about their consumers before choosing the best audience. This helps eliminate marketing waste and delivers a more significant return on marketing spend.




Highlighted Solutions

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Consumer Marketing Database

Who are your best prospects? The first step in any data-driven marketing strategy is learning more about your best customers.

Experian’s ConsumerViewSM U.S. database includes demographics, buyer personas, buying patterns, customer behaviors, wants and needs, preferences, attitudes, commonalities, and more.

  • 300 Million+ Consumers
  • 125 Million+ Households
  • 1,500 Individual and Household Level Attributes
  • 2,500 Geographic Attributes
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Lifestyle Segmentation

Segment and target your best customers across various channels. Experian’s Mosaic® USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that classifies U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 unique types and 19 overarching groups.

These groups are further broken down into multiple segments, providing auto-specific criteria in each:

  • Type and age of vehicle owned or in-market for
  • Purchase/lease price of current vehicle
  • Prefer used vehicles/not interested in used vehicles
  • Loyalty by brand, make/model
  • Preferred communication channel


Marketing Insights

Brand and Model Level Business Intelligence

Our Velocity for Media dashboard allows marketers to evaluate their unique market position and review insights to answer critical questions like:

  • In which specific geographies should I invest more/ less in marketing efforts?
  • Where am I currently positioned strongest, and how has this changed over time?
  • How are my competitors positioned?

Our insights include a complete view of the market by vehicle segment, class, and models.  Competitive positioning of brands/models to compare against demographics and geography. 

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Automotive Consumer Trends

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Experian Automotive Perspective: Insights

Download our resource to help guide OEM marketers in using data insights to learn everything they can about their consumers before selectin an audience.

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