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Know your customers, beat your competitors

The ability to accurately identify consumers is the cornerstone of segmentation, targeting and marketing analytics. Today’s average consumer owns an average of 3.2 connected devices*, and engages with brands through social media, websites, email, in-store visits and other channels.  Each of these engagements may include a different level of data that could be used to link back to the consumer.   

Bring together the fragmented data 

Experian’s identity resolution service, MarketingConnect, SM stitch together fragmented data such as names, addresses, emails, device IDs and cookies captured from multiple channels, platforms and devices to build holistic customer profiles. This single customer view ties to a persistent ID that makes it possible for brands to deliver a more personalized, omnichannel customer experience.  

Turn identifiers into identities

Marketing Connect pulls data from your CRM, email subscribers, website visits, advertising and third parties and combines it with real-time matching and intelligent linking. From there you’ll be able to:

  • Link fragmented data to develop holistic customer profiles
  • Obtain secure, frequently updated IDs that recognize individual car shoppers across devices, channels and platforms
  • Validate contact data in real time as it’s entered online at a dealership or over the phone
  • Enhance your data by appending demographics, psychographics and shopping behaviors  
  • Share data safely and securely with partners and third parties
  • Process large volumes of data quickly with automated batch or real-time APIs
  • Cleanse your data to remove duplicates and inaccuracies
  • Identify look-alike customers


Brands, meet your customers

Car shoppers demand personalized, relevant messages across all channels, and they expect your brand to remember who they are, what they like, and how they shop. Marketing Connect helps you to meet those expectations, enabling you to know your customers and improve their experience with customized offers and content, delivered at the right time and to their preferred channel.

The lending world already relies on Experian’s identity resolution services to enable billions of financial transactions every year. That’s the kind of expertise you want in your corner. ·      





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Identity Resolution for Auto Manufacturers

Learn more about Marketing Connect, our identity resolution solution.

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