Understand and reach your audience with consumer insights

Accurate consumer data allows businesses to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of consumers. Experian’s audience solutions use consumer insights to help you discover valuable information about consumers, build targeted audiences, and activate audience segments across channels to engage with prospects and customers.

We can help you gather consumer insights to deliver more personalized marketing messages to your audience to boost engagement and make meaningful impressions. Our notable history with data allows us to provide you with attribute-rich consumer insights to identify new target audiences and distribute audience segments on your preferred activation platforms. 

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What are consumer insights?

Consumer insights are valuable details about current and prospective customers, including their buying behaviors, preferences, and characteristics. With this data, you can better understand your customers' trends, motivations, and purchasing decisions. We can help you turn these insights into actionable audience strategies by building custom segments or selecting our pre-built audiences available within our partner activation platforms.

Consumer data powers effective audience strategies

Our customer insights give you fresh and relevant information about your audiences’ lifestyles, choices, habits, and preferences. Experian helps you use this data to build and activate custom audiences, or choose from our pre-built syndicated segments available in many activation platforms and data marketplaces. Drive ROI by utilizing consumer insights to power your marketing strategies and optimize campaigns. 

Why consumer data is the best type of market research

Consumer data provides unparalleled depth and unmatched accuracy into who customers are and insights into their shopping behaviors. This helps businesses minimize guesswork and maximize campaign success.  With our expertise and industry leading data, we help you discover unique patterns and trends to help you better understand your audience. Whether you want to enrich your first-party data or leverage our Experian Marketing Data, we will help you discover and activate on consumer insights. 

Experian’s audience solutions can help you discover and activate on consumer insights

We offer comprehensive solutions that help you discover and activate on customer insights while providing valuable advantages in understanding and engaging with your current and prospective customers. Here’s how we do it.


Our data enrichment services allow you to use and enhance your first-party data to build a complete consumer profile, helping you better understand and more effectively market to your audience. Use our vast data resources to  enrich your data with our consumer insights which unlock unique behavioral and other data attributes to optimize your marketing strategies.


Use Experian Marketing Data to build, define, and target custom or syndicated audiences. Our advanced audience models and segmentation techniques allow you to better understand your current audience, reach similar audiences through our lookalike technology, and discover new audiences based on our consumer insights. 


Activate audience segments, either custom or choose from our off-the-shelf audiences, within your desired destination. We can help you target preferred audiences, optimize campaign performance, and improve response rates across several channels, including social media, addressable TV, online, and mobile.

Consumer insights can solve your marketing pain points

Consumer insights are crucial for answering key questions about your target audiences as you gain valuable information about how to shape effective marketing strategies. Some questions consumer insights can answer include: 

  • What content is my target market interested in?
  • What message should I use to resonate with them?
  • How can I learn more about my ideal customer's shopping habits?
  • In what channel are they most receptive to receiving ads?
  • What are their views on topics like health, apparel, or technology?

Benefits of consumer insights

Business owners and marketing teams experience significant benefits when using consumer insights to power their audience strategies, such as:

Understand consumers and prospects

Working with Experian allows you to better understand your current and prospective customers through accurate data and insights. Power your marketing strategies with our robust dataset to develop cross-channel messages that resonate with your audience based on their unique behaviors and preferences.

With the information gained from consumer insights, you can intelligently engage with your audience and attract new customers. 

Fill in insight gaps in consumer profiles

To better reach your audience, you need to have a comprehensive view of your consumer profiles. Incomplete consumer data can make it difficult for marketers to deliver the right message to the right consumer.

Experian’s consumer insights provide you with a detailed look into information like geographic location, behaviors, lifestyles, purchase histories, purchase habits, and more. 

Create informed marketing strategies

Customer insights give you a clearer idea of your audience’s preferences, needs, and pain points. With this understanding you can deliver more relevant and personalized communications, leading to improved response rates, increased customer loyalty, and added value to what you can offer. 

The information gleaned from consumer insights allows you to compare various audience segments, make data-driven decisions, and refine marketing strategies for more precise customer targeting and campaign effectiveness.

Stay competitive in your industry

To ensure the growth and longevity of your business, you need to stay relevant and competitive in your industry. Using our audience solutions, powered by the most accurate consumer insights, you can continually adapt your marketing strategies to match changing customer needs, expectations, and demands. 

As you stay on top of data insights, you’re better equipped to identify emerging trends, prepare for changes in the market, and make proactive decisions to help you stay competitive in your industry. 

Features of Experian’s consumer insights

We offer a full range of customer insights features to help you make the most of your data and optimize your marketing strategies.

Access to multiple channels

On our partner platforms, you can access numerous channels for audience creation, insights, campaign distribution, and measurement. These channels give you the opportunity to deliver consistent and personalized messaging to the right customer audiences in several ways. 

You can also measure efficacy and engagement across all channels, helping you gain further insights into the success of multi-channel campaigns and make data-driven optimizations. 

Holistic data to activate across channels and platforms

By combining your first- and second-party data with our marketing data, you can easily enrich information sets, collaborate with partners, and distribute data effectively. We offer data-matching capabilities, allowing you to run cross-channel campaigns confidently. Our comprehensive approach ensures you can reach your target audiences with precision. 

Custom modeling and segmentation

We’ll collaborate with you to create custom consumer models and segments tailored to your unique business needs. Doing this allows your company to optimize for the right audiences and create flexible segmentation strategies to best suit your goals and objectives. 

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Our consumer insights help you discover your audience’s preferred media channels

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to understand your audience’s preferred media channels to create effective marketing campaigns. Our customer insights give you the tools and resources to understand your customer better and focus your marketing efforts where they will be received best. 

Whether you’re working with traditional media, digital platforms, or emerging channels, Experian’s consumer data and insights empowers you with comprehensive knowledge to ensure you make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us today to start using consumer insights to grow your business. 

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Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns

Our attribution solutions work alongside consumer insights to help you understand the full impact of your marketing efforts. We can track and analyze several metrics, including conversions, foot traffic, and web traffic to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in driving engagement. 

Learn about our attribution solutions

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