2023 digital audience trends & predictions report

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2023 Digital audience trends and predictions

2023 digital audience trends & predictions report

Our digital audience trends and predictions report can help you plan your 2023 activation strategy. Find out how digital activation has changed, the top digital audiences for marketers by industry, and where you should activate your audiences in 2023. 

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Ask the Expert: hashed email

Hashed email is a privacy-safe identifier that helps marketers future-proof their identity strategies in a cookieless world. In our new series, Ask the Expert, hear from DealerX's Jeff Tognetti on how you can use hashed email to build toward connected consumer identity. 

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2022 holiday retail guide

Discover how you can tailor your marketing campaigns to the preferences of your target consumers. Drive engagement by delivering personalized marketing messages this season. Download our 2022 Holiday retail guide to learn what you can do to prepare for early holiday shoppers, in-store shoppers, and more! 

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2022 back to school report

Focus your targeting strategies by understanding unique consumer groups and their preferences this back-to-school season! Experian can help you discover what your customers are shopping for to improve marketing ROI and grow your business.

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Ask the Expert: hashed email

Introducing our new series, Ask The Expert, a product deep dive with Experian clients. Learn how brands are leveraging hashed email in a Q&A video with Chris Feo of Experian and Jeff Tognetti of DealerX.

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The Vitamin Shoppe: building the future of connected consumer identity webinar

Learn how The Vitamin Shoppe and Experian are building towards connected identity, how data and identity drive more addressable audience strategies, and the impact that identity has on acquisition, extension, collaboration, and resolution.

Boat on the water

Panel with The IAB on the evolution of TV and video

We held a panel moderated by David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of the IAB, to discuss connectivity and explore strategies that marketers can adopt to be ready for the future of the ever-changing digital ecosystem. 

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Welcome to the new era of advertising

We welcome guest speaker Tina Moffet, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to discuss the market dynamics guiding us to a new era of advertising. We cover the pandemic changing consumer behavior, emerging media channels, and data deprecation. 

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