Understand the impact of your campaigns with marketing attribution

Companies are always looking to understand how effective their marketing efforts are and how these efforts can maximize a return on investment. Our cutting-edge marketing attribution solutions are designed to enhance how you use and analyze data for the best outcomes. 

We’ve created our solutions to unlock the full potential of your data and drive measurable results in your marketing campaigns. 

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What is marketing attribution? Experian can help.

Marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry, so it’s crucial to understand the impact of each touchpoint in the customer journey and how they help you optimize marketing strategies to drive growth.  

So, what is marketing attribution? It is the process of assigning a value to each touchpoint that contributes to customer conversion or a desired outcome. We can help you build reports based on campaign performance and derive actionable insights to create data-driven marketing strategies. 

How we power attribution for our clients

Our attribution marketing solution is a combination of extensive reports and advanced enablement capabilities.  

With Experian’s reporting capabilities, you can understand the true impact of your marketing campaigns and pinpoint top-performing strategies and influential messaging across channels. 

Our enablement capabilities can help you combine various data sets to better campaigns delivered on actual online and offline engagements. With a pre-vetted network of data partners, we enable marketing measurement by matching data between partners to help you achieve a complete view of the purchase journey.

Achieve marketing attribution through:


We offer turnkey marketing attribution reports that help you streamline the process of measuring marketing effectiveness while recognizing the impact of various touchpoints. Our comprehensive reports provide unbiased insight into the results of your marketing efforts, such as:

  • Valuable insights about your marketing campaigns
  • Your top-performing marketing channels
  • How to optimize your marketing strategies to maximize future campaigns 

Our user-friendly reporting makes it easy to understand campaign effectiveness and make data-driven decisions with confidence. 


We enable partners and clients to create their own attribution reports by offering data connections that meet their marketing measurement needs. Matching between data partners enables you to combine datasets and better understand campaign performance. You will discover: 

  • Full insights into consumer engagements with your brand
  • In-depth campaign performance and analysis 
  • New opportunities for growth 

You can seamlessly connect with our vast network of data partners for an easy and secure data-sharing experience that lets you harness the full potential of your data and achieve deep insights. 

Types of attribution models

The attribution marketing models you use are crucial for assigning value to touchpoints in the customer journey. Each model option delivers unique insights into how your marketing efforts contribute to your overall goals and desired outcomes. 

Here are commonly used attribution models.  

  • First touch — This model gives all the credit to the first customer touchpoint and emphasizes the initial marketing effort that introduced the customer to the product or brand. 

  • Last touch — This model is directly opposite of the first touch, where all the credit is assigned to the final touchpoint, leading to customer conversion. 

  • Multi-touch – This method assigns considers all touchpoints in the purchase journey. There are different types of multi-touch attribution. For example, linear assigns equal credit to each touchpoint, and time decay assigns less credit to touchpoints furthest from conversion.

Each of these marketing attribution models has its strengths and weaknesses. Your goals may influence which option is best for your business needs. Experian's advanced consulting team can help you decide which attribution model is right for you.

Benefits of accurate marketing attribution

Advertising attribution gives you a greater understanding of how effective your marketing campaigns are at building business growth. When you implement these strategies, you’re accessing a wide range of benefits that can positively impact your overall success.

Simplify fragments of multi-channel marketing data

When you have several datasets from multiple marketing channels, it can be challenging to look at the information as a whole. With our marketing attribution platform, you can consolidate and simplify fragmented data to achieve a more complete view of performance. This provides a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts for simplified and improved analysis, decision-making, and optimization.

Drive ROI and optimize your marketing budget

You can make better data-driven decisions with marketing attribution, meaning you can reallocate your budget and optimize spending toward channels and strategies that are having the most significant impact on customer conversions. This approach can improve ROI as you focus on areas generating the highest returns. 

Identify top-performing marketing strategies

Attribution marketing gives deeper insight into the performance of your various marketing strategies, channels, and messages. As value or credit is assigned to each touchpoint in the journey, you’ll be able to identify the most effective components of your campaigns. 

This information can help you optimize your marketing offerings by focusing resources on the touchpoints and strategies that yield the best results, allowing you to increase efficiency, boost conversions, and enhance your overall campaign performance. 

Improve audience targeting

When you understand your audiences’ engagement and behavior, it is easier to pinpoint specific segments, demographics, or customer personas that most engage with your ads. These insights allow you to refine your targeting strategies, leading to more personalized and relevant campaigns. 

Additionally, when you know and understand who is engaging with your ads, you can use that information in our platform to build lookalike audiences to expand your reach toward similar customer segments. 

Marketing challenges answered by attribution

Marketing can be a complex industry, and various challenges could slow your progress and hinder success. However, attribution marketing can help identify and address these issues so your company can overcome obstacles and create more effective marketing strategies. Here are some challenges that attribution can help solve:

In-market bias

An in-market bias can happen when companies mistakenly credit all success to the final touchpoint before conversion. Attribution models can counter this bias by distributing the credit across the entire customer journey. This provides a more accurate representation of how each touchpoint contributes to the overall success of the campaign and helps to make informed decisions for each channel instead of focusing on a single touchpoint.  

Missed signaling

In attribution marketing, missed signaling happens when important channels and touchpoints aren’t identified as impactful.

Attribution can help you determine which touchpoints are most influential to ensure no valuable signals are overlooked so you can optimize your campaigns for better results. 

Wrong data points

In addition to missed signaling, you could also look at the wrong data points when assessing marketing performance. Marketing attribution models give you a clear picture of relevant metrics and data that are making a difference in your campaign. This means you won’t have to guess what’s working and instead can focus on the channels that are driving your success. 

What marketing attribution services enables for your business

Our marketing attribution services deliver various benefits that can impact your marketing efforts and overall success. With advanced analytics and comprehensive data analysis, you’ll get in-depth insights into campaign performance and the customer journey while using data-driven campaign planning to boost conversions and revenue.

A holistic view of campaign performance

Experian’s attribution doesn’t rely on individual data points or isolated channel metrics; instead, our attribution services look at the customer journey as a whole while considering all relevant touchpoints. 

This approach helps you understand how various messages, marketing channels, and campaign efforts interact to drive overall success. Marketing attribution gives you a comprehensive view of your campaign performance to optimize marketing strategies, identify improvement areas, and allocate resources more effectively. 

Increased ad revenue through data-driven campaign planning

You want your marketing campaigns to be effective, and marketing attribution helps you understand the performance of each touchpoint to see how well it is working for your overall success. With this information, you can allocate your budget where it will be most impactful, identify the most successful channels, and optimize your messaging to be more personalized for your audience. 

Customer journey insights

Since marketing attribution assigns credit or value to each touchpoint in the customer’s journey, it is easier to follow a campaign from inception to reception to see which channels and messages are most impactful for your desired outcomes. This information is also invaluable in influencing the trajectory of your marketing campaigns, as it can help you align your efforts with customer behaviors, habits, and preferences.

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Partner with Experian for data-driven marketing success

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With our expertise in attribution, consumer insights, and advanced analytics, we can help you create a holistic view of all your marketing campaigns to ensure you’re putting your efforts where they will be most beneficial for revenue and growth. Contact our team to get started today. 

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We can help you identify and reach the right audiences

Consumer insights can help you better understand your customer base and identify which marketing channels and messages will be most effective for each unique audience. 

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