Experian’s clean room partnerships

Experian enables data collaboration in our clean room partners for better marketing results.

Our clean room capabilities

Tap into the industry's leading consumer database and identity resolution to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers and prospects. Our clean room partnerships enable data collaboration to help marketers understand consumers, predict their future buying behaviors, and foster long-lasting loyalty in a privacy-safe way.

What is a data clean room?

Businesses use data clean rooms to collaborate on insights while safeguarding data privacy. This approach ensures user privacy and enables advertisers to collaborate in a secure environment. By partnering with Experian and our clean room partners, businesses can effectively protect user information while combining data sets.

What you’ll accomplish with Experian's clean room partners

Experian provides effective data and identity resolution services within clean rooms to increase match rates so partners can work together more effectively, which allows for the following:

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Resolution and enrichment

Clean room collaboration drives resolution and enrichment by empowering your organization to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects. The resulting enhanced data quality and enriched insights enable more accurate customer segmentation, personalized targeting, and strategic decision-making. Ultimately, resolution and enrichment contribute to more effective marketing campaigns, improved customer experiences, and better business outcomes.

We promote responsible, transparent data practices, and our services provide rich insights, giving you a competitive edge without the hassle. Our advanced enrichment capabilities and comprehensive Consumer View data give you valuable information that enables strategic decisions — which means no more countless hours of onboarding and merging offline and online digital data points.

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With clean data and a secure environment to collaborate, your organization can perform accurate attribution analysis to understand the impact of each marketing touchpoint or channel on customer behavior and conversion outcomes. By attributing credit accurately to the appropriate marketing activities, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation, campaign optimization, and marketing budget allocation.

Partnering with Experian ensures accurate and consistent data collaboration in a secure space. This allows for effective campaign optimization and marketing budget allocation based on your audience's preferences and behavior, as well as their perspective and preferred communication channel. With Experian, you can confidently make informed decisions that align with your customers' needs.

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Connecting customer insights

Data clean rooms allow for reliable and accurate consumer insights in a secure, private, and compliant environment to aggregate and analyze data from various sources. Experian’s clean and standardized data allow your organization to enrich consumer profiles and gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and preferences. These practices enable precise segmentation, personalized targeting, and tailored marketing strategies. 

Another way to protect customer data and maintain anonymity is to establish new customer IDs, as it safeguards customer privacy and helps build trust and credibility with your audience. You can also co-market with brand partners who share your target audience to connect with potential customers and drive new conversions. Through partner identifiers and data, you can uncover valuable insights that may have been previously unavailable, filling gaps in consumer information and enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Our data clean room partners

Experian has formed several strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies like AWS, InfoSum, and Snowflake to strengthen its data and identity capabilities and provide enhanced services to clients. These strategic partnerships expand Experian's data ecosystem, enabling the company to deliver innovative solutions and unlock valuable insights for its clients while maintaining a focus on privacy, scalability, and advanced data management.

Become a data clean room partner

The power of Experian’s data and identity services within clean rooms opens a world of advertising opportunities. Harness the full potential of data collaboration and enrichment in your clean room by providing your clients with direct access to consumer-level intelligence, ready for activation. With our cutting-edge technology and industry leading privacy compliance standards, we can integrate in-platform to provide a secure environment for collaboration. Join us to revolutionize the way data is used across the industry.

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