Experian’s social media platform partnerships

Experian can bring you exceptional results in the always-changing landscape of social media marketing.

Advance your marketing with our social media partnerships

When you need powerful social media marketing solutions, you need the right partner. As a global leader in the information services industry, Experian has established strategic partnerships with major social media platforms, allowing you unparalleled marketing opportunities when you work with us.

Maximize your social advertising success with Experian's powerful data solutions

Partnering with Experian for your social media marketing unlocks a world of potential. When you leverage our expertise and data-driven solutions, you can:

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Unleash unmatched precision in audience targeting

Our data helps you as a social media advertiser target your audience more precisely and effectively. We collect extensive offline behavior data, such as home ownership, car market interest, household income, and brand loyalty, to enable you to personalize your messages and reach the desired audience accurately.

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Advanced segmentation capabilities

We equip you with comprehensive data to segment audiences based on real-life behaviors and activities. We enable businesses to reach customers that are more likely to be receptive to their messages, resulting in superior campaign performance and maximized return on investment.

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In-depth audience insights

We understand why reaching target consumers with various perspectives is crucial. Our methodology helps integrate demographic, geo-contextual, consumer attitudes and personas, product ownership, and purchase intent with your social platform channel signals. By using this diverse range of data sources, you as an advertiser gain invaluable insights to develop highly effective social advertising strategies.

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Optimize campaign performance

With our data and identity capabilities, you can elevate social media advertising campaigns and achieve peak performance. Refined audience targeting, sophisticated segmentation, and deeper insights empower you to deliver more relevant and captivating messages to your target audience. The result is heightened engagement rates, increased conversions, and exceptional campaign outcomes.

Our social media marketing partners

Our strong and established partnerships with leading social media platforms enables us to support our clients with what they need to create the most effective and robust advertising campaigns. 

Become a partner

As you join forces with Experian as your social media marketing partner, you'll unlock industry-leading data and identity services to reach a new world of possibilities. Our proven track record of success, along with our comprehensive suite of data-driven solutions and cutting-edge technology, gives us unique access to useful data that you can leverage to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing.

Additionally, our robust data protection measures and strict adherence to global privacy regulations can give you and your customers peace of mind that all data is being handled in a way that is responsible and privacy-safe.

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Helping marketers connect across the industry

We offer extensive marketing expertise across industries, helping businesses reach their intended audiences and achieve their marketing goals faster and more effectively. Here are our other partner platforms you may be interested in.

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Advanced television

Experian's partnership with advanced television platforms provides you with the tools and insights to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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Experian's robust data assets and industry-leading expertise empower agencies to revolutionize their data-driven strategies and outcomes for their clients.

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Clean room

Working with our clean room partners you can confidently collaborate and analyze data from various sources to uncover meaningful patterns and make decisions.

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Demand-side platform

Allow us to help you amplify your social media campaigns through data-driven targeting, audience segmentation, and performance optimization. 

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Supply-side platform

With our data quality, audience insights, and identity resolution solutions, SSP partners can use clean and standardized data to maximize revenue opportunities.

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