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Discover the unlimited possibilities of demand side marketing.

What is a demand-side platform?

Marketers use demand-side platforms (DSPs) in digital advertising to optimize and streamline the buying and managing of ad inventory. DSPs use technology to reach specific audiences, automate real-time bidding, and deliver personalized ads through various digital channels. By using DSPs, marketers can more effectively reach their audience, maximize ad campaign efficiency, and achieve better results.

How do we integrate with DSPs?

Reaching the right audience is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. Experian partners with DSPs to ensure your message reaches the right audience across multiple channels. Our off-the-shelf audiences enable you to confidently engage with your ideal consumer. With easy access to your desired audience, your advertising becomes more efficient and effective. We can also help you identify new customer groups, determine effective communication channels, measure campaign effectiveness, boost brand engagement, and enhance customer loyalty.

What you’ll accomplish with Experian marketing data and identity in demand-side platforms

By engaging with Experian’s demand-side platform partnerships, you can reach audiences with precision, expand visibility, and achieve data-driven optimization. Our audience segments enable you to reach the right people for your campaigns, increasing engagement and conversions. With expanded reach and access to diverse advertising inventory, you can amplify your brand’s visibility across multiple channels.

Our identity graph is available in select demand-side partners

Experian’s identity graph enhances the accuracy of cross-device marketing initiatives, including onboarding, audience expansion, content personalization, attribution, and measurement. Reduce wasted spend by avoiding duplicate impressions to the same consumer and improve attribution quality by linking all digital touchpoints along a consumer’s path to purchase. 

Benefits of Experian’s demand-side platform partnerships

Experian’s DSP partnerships transform the marketing landscape and drive your brand to greater success. Learn more about the benefits of our partnerships.

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Enhanced audience reach

Experian's collaboration with demand-side platforms can improve an your advertising reach and the precision of campaigns. By taking advantage of Experian's rich data set, you can use ads to reach relevant and high-value audiences in an omnichannel way across any device or format (including mobile, DOOH, and desktop). This approach ensures maximum reach and engagement, allowing you as an advertiser to see a significant return on investment. Experian's relationships with DSPs makes it easy for you to access these capabilities. We can partner with you to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns.

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Expanded inventory

Experian's partnerships with demand-side platforms give you access to expanded inventory options. Through Experian's collaborations, you can tap into a broader range of platforms, websites, and apps, allowing you to reach your target audience across multiple channels and touchpoints, increasing campaign visibility and effectiveness.​

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Compliance and data privacy

Experian's trusted position as a data provider ensures that you benefit from compliance and data privacy measures when working with demand-side platforms. By partnering with Experian, you can have confidence that data usage is handled following privacy regulations, minimizing the risks associated with data privacy concerns and ensuring the data's ethical and legal use in campaigns.​ 

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Data matching

Experian ensures seamless integration with your platform of choice to kickstart data-driven marketing strategies. Whether activating 1:1 deterministic matching, matching IPs, or facilitating cookie sync, we can help you drive marketing success. Our expertise extends beyond traditional identifiers, allowing you to use alternative solutions such as RampID and UID2 for extended audience reach.

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Customization and flexibility

Advertisers like yourself can take advantage of Experian's relationships with DSPs to achieve customization and flexibility in your campaigns. Through our partnerships, you can collaborate with DSPs to refine your targeting strategies, segment your audience, and optimize ad placements based on their unique campaign objectives. All this comes together to provde a more personalized and impactful ad experience.

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Reporting and analytics

Our rich data sets enhance a demand-side platform's ability to track and measure campaign performance. You can iteratively evaluate your campaigns' effectiveness and make data-driven decisions for future optimizations. Our data also supports attribution modeling, helping you determine the contribution of various touchpoints in the user journey to conversions. By analyzing user behavior and engagement data, you can allocate your budgets more effectively and optimize your campaigns for better results.

Our demand-side platform partners

Experian has established valuable strategic partnerships with renowned industry leaders to help businesses efficiently connect with their audiences. Our partnerships enable advertisers across the industry to better connect with consumers and improve targeting and overall campaign success.

Become a partner

Working with Experian opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing advertising campaigns. Together, we can harness the power of data-driven insights to refine audience segmentation, personalize messaging, and optimize campaign performance. Experian data and identity capabilities in your DSP can unlock a deeper understanding of customers and improve campaign performance.

Helping marketers connect across the industry

We offer extensive marketing expertise across industries, helping businesses reach their intended audiences and achieve their marketing goals faster and more effectively. Here are our other partner platforms you may be interested in.

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Advanced television

Experian's partnership with advanced television platforms provides you with the tools and insights to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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Experian's robust data assets and industry-leading expertise empower agencies to revolutionize their data-driven strategies and outcomes for their clients.

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Clean room

Working with our clean room partners you can confidently collaborate and analyze data from various sources to uncover meaningful patterns and make decisions.

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Social media

Allow us to help you amplify your social media campaigns through data-driven targeting, audience segmentation, and performance optimization. 

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Supply-side platform

With our data quality, audience insights, and identity resolution solutions, SSP partners can use clean and standardized data to maximize revenue opportunities.

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