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Clients often struggle to access accurate, comprehensive marketing data which prevents them from fully understanding their customers, creating robust audience segments, and delivering tailored messaging.

Experian Marketing Data is a unified source that addresses these challenges and provides a unique blend of breadth, depth, multi-channel availability, and is built for privacy. It’s a vast collection of consumer information and is built from over five decades of expertise in data management. Experian Marketing Data fuels our solutions and empowers organizations across various industries to use accurate insights for smarter decision-making. Our data covers many verticals and specialty categories, giving advertisers insights into consumer behavior so they can craft impactful marketing strategies.

126 million


750 million

hashed emails


data attributes


pre-built audience segments

Experian Marketing Data powers intelligent decision-making

Partner with us and you can tap into our accurate and addressable marketing data. Our marketing data offers:


Exceptional breadth

Experian Marketing Data’s comprehensive features include over 5,000 data attributes for enrichment, licensing, and audience creation, along with 2,400 on-the-shelf syndicated audiences available directly within most activation and audience management platforms. With data spanning 15 categories and verticals, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience to launch meaningful campaigns that resonate with your audience.


Unmatched depth

Experian's Marketing Data excels in depth, with an average of 2,300 attributes assigned to each household and around 250 attributes per person. The depth of our data empowers marketers with complete insights into their clients and prospects to precisely target audiences, deliver personalized messaging, and boost campaign effectiveness. 


Extensive reach

Our data spans 126 million households and encompasses 750 million hashed emails. This expansive coverage extends across channels, which ensures our data is accessible for use on the open web, social platforms, advanced TV (ATV), direct mail, and more. With addressable capabilities for so many households and hashed emails, Experian Marketing Data offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for online and offline marketing initiatives.

Accurate, trustworthy data verified by Truthset

Our Truthset validation underscores our commitment to data accuracy. Truthset is an organization that provides objective accuracy scores for record-level consumer data and provides a solution to the multi-billion-dollar challenge of data precision. Experian proudly ranks number one for an impressive 15 of the 23 Truthset accuracy attributes in vital demographics such as: age, gender, homeownership, geography, education, presence of children, pet ownership, and more!

Experian Marketing Data spans across four categories

Our marketing data provides a wealth of insights across four crucial categories:


Vertical data

Coverage across auto, business, energy, finance, health, politics, retail and CPG, and travel industries to power effective marketing strategies in niche markets. 


Specialty category data

Our specialized data sets span demographics, lifestyles and interests, mobile location, and television insights. Precisely tailor your campaigns to consumer characteristics, preferences, and behaviors for targeted engagement. 


Branded data

Including Mosaic audience segments spanning 650 lifestyle attributes, WorldView international data, TrueTouch content and contact engagement solution, and Census Area Projections and Estimates (CAPE) data for household level targeting.


Geographic data

Reach consumers in specific regions based on shared characteristics with geo-indexed data for geo-regional insights and targeting or social determinants of health (SDOH) data for insights into the environment, education, healthcare, and community of consumers.

Experian Marketing Data enables a variety of marketing use cases

Experian Marketing Data is a versatile solution that caters to diverse marketing needs and drives impactful outcomes across various use cases.

Activate pre-built or custom audiences

You can find our readily available, pre-built audiences created from Experian Marketing Data on digital and TV platforms for quick activation. You can also work with our team to create custom audiences using Experian Marketing Data or your enriched first-party data. We can help you craft unique audiences tailored to your campaign goals and deliver them to your preferred channel or activation platform. 

group of friends

Create lookalike audiences

Experian Marketing Data allows you to create lookalike audiences to extend the reach of your target audience by identifying and engaging with individuals who share similarities with your existing customer base.

Custom analytics

Build custom models to define unique attributes that align with your business objectives. Our Custom Analytics team uses attributes provided by Experian Marketing Data to craft sophisticated analytics and custom audience models. Collaborate directly with our team to harness the depth and breadth of our data. We can help you create customized audience models that align with your goals.


Enrich first-party data with Experian Marketing Data to build more comprehensive consumer profiles for targeted and personalized advertising. Data enrichment allows advertisers, brands, and platforms to gain more complete insights into prospects and customers to create more effective, intelligent marketing strategies. 

Retailer uses Experian Marketing Data to increase sales

We helped a leading retailer achieve a remarkable 50% year-over-year sales increase in non-essential categories, specifically apparel and accessories, using Experian's purchase-based data. Our Custom Analytics team created predictive models using Experian Marketing Data to identify top-category buyers from similar retailers. 

The resulting marketing initiatives, driven by these insights, transformed apparel into the retailer's largest revenue gain. Uncover the strategies behind this success by reading the full case study now. 

Learn more in the full case study

A privacy-focused data solution, for you

Experian offers privacy-forward solutions that provide a unified view of consumers for better marketing. As a leader in marketing solutions, we adhere to stringent federal data laws and deeply commit ourselves to data privacy and compliance. Experian is an active and participating member of influential industry organizations like the ANA, IAB, and NAI, which help to implement standards for ethical data practices. 

Partnering with Experian allows you to use high quality consumer data to spearhead your business initiatives, while maintaining strict compliance with laws and regulations. Contact us today to learn more about the ways that you can use privacy-forward data solutions to improve your business objectives. 

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