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Knowing your audience allows you to deliver the best possible experiences. Use the industry’s largest consumer database to discover and segment your customers, predict their buying behaviors, and earn their loyalty. Data is the most powerful and versatile tool in your marketing arsenal. It helps you identify your customers and their values and provides insights that inform product and service improvements. But just having data isn’t enough — you need to start with good data for an accurate and complete understanding of people, their patterns, and their journeys. 



audience segmentation

Audience segmentation

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Actionable audience insights

Use known and modeled data to gain actionable insights. Identify and understand who your customers are and learn about new prospects to drive value for your brand. 

We offer consumer insights to enable deeper, more personalized connections and interactions across channels. 

  • Enrich your CRM data to gain the full understanding of who your customers are  

  • License data to drive acquisition and growth 

  • Identify and learn about different consumer groups for research and prospecting

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Segment and connect

Once you’ve identified your ideal consumer, our segmentation solutions help you meet them where they are and market to them in more meaningful ways.  

Each situation is different, and we have the tools to help you parse through consumer behavior and preferences to solve unique marketing needs.  

  • Better understand socioeconomics, lifestyles, and preferences of consumers 

  • Add to first-party data to create audiences or build from scratch  

  • Access and activate pre-built audiences based on demographics, industry, behaviors, and more  

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Activate personalized data

Make meaningful connections with your audience. Deliver custom marketing messages to preferred audiences across 190 media destinations including Advanced TV, social media, and programmatic providers. 

Reduce the burden of aggregating data assets and easily activate datasets. Access consolidated data directly from Experian and our network of partners in our data marketplace. 

  • Launch highly targeted campaigns tailored to specific personas 

  • Gain valuable audience insights through our data marketplace 

  • Discover most and least effective strategies with our measurement solutions 

Work with us today. Improve outcomes tomorrow.

Ninety percent of brands using Experian’s consumer data-driven marketing tools report better customer outcomes as a direct result of our services. If you need help filling your marketing gaps and having meaningful audience interactions, speak to one of our marketing experts today. We are here to guide you on your journey to better customer relationships.

Why Experian?

High quality, dependable data

“Advertisers want better identity data, better segments, and a better understanding of consumer behavior. So they’re going to shift to higher-quality, more precise, more accurate, more trusted data sets.” – Jeremy Hlavacek, CCO, Experian

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