Experian’s supply-side platform partnerships

Our industry leading data and identity services are available within our supply-side platform partners.

What is a supply-side platform?

A supply-side platform (SSP) is a digital platform that allows publishers to manage and monetize their online advertising inventory. This system enables digital collaboration between publishers and advertisers by connecting inventory to demand sources, like ad networks and demand-side platforms.

Why we integrate with SSPs

We collaborate with SSPs to distribute valuable data to advertisers, enabling them to target the right audience effectively. You can access consumer insights, real-time bidding, and advanced targeting through our partnership. 

Doing this empowers you to optimize your campaigns and design to deliver personalized marketing experiences. Our collaboration enhances your advertising environment by driving engagement and creating measurable results for marketers and brands. 

What you’ll accomplish with Experian marketing data in supply-side platforms

With our experience in the supply side of marketing, our partnership can help you accomplish several things, including:

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Enhanced audience insights

Use Consumer View to access a wealth of information for your digital marketing campaigns. You’ll get in-depth data to better understand your customers and how to reach them based on preferred media channels, prefernces for communication, and demographic information.

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Data enrichment

Unlock the power of Experian Marketing Data with our digital resolution services. With access to over 5,000 customer attributes, including behaviors, demographics, preferences, and purchase patterns, you can gain a more complete view of your customers. Use this valuable information to optimize your campaigns and make online and offline data connections. 

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Custom audiences

We take a consultative approach to assist you in maximizing your data to create and activate audiences that meet your marketing objectives. Using a wealth of consumer attributes and an infinite array of combinations, we fine-tune audience targeting to pinpoint even the most niche markets. This strategic precision paves the way to fresh, previously unexplored prospects, expanding your brand's reach and amplifying the success of your campaigns.

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Compliance and privacy

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance. That’s why we use value-based techniques to ensure we’re collecting data in a way that protects customer privacy and complies with legal guidelines. By choosing Experian insights in your SSP partner, you can be confident that you’re accessing compliant and privacy-forward information.

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Attribution solutions

Our attribution solutions let you connect your first-party data with everything from sales transactions to media impressions. Use these valuable insights to understand your sales and how they correlate with ad exposure and spend.

Our supply-side platform marketing partners

We have established numerous partnerships with industry-leading companies, including Audigent, OpenX, Magnite, and Yieldmo. These partnerships allow us to boost these companies' data and identity capabilities while helping offer enhanced services to their clients. 

Become a supply-side partner

Partnering with Experian allows us to work together to enhance digital advertising capabilities for marketers. Integrating our data and identity solutions into your supply-side platform lets you learn more about your customers and significantly improves ad targeting.

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Helping marketers connect across the industry

We offer extensive marketing expertise across industries, helping businesses reach their intended audiences and achieve their marketing goals faster and more effectively. Here are our other partner platforms you may be interested in.

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