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Gain a competitive edge and revolutionize your strategies to optimize audience targeting and elevate the customer experience.

Better serve your clients with our data and identity solutions

In today’s digital marketing landscape, agencies, like yours, must deliver impactful campaigns that drive client results. Experian’s agency partner program supports agencies by helping you use privacy-forward data to create the most effective marketing for your clients. 

Our data and identity solutions help our agency partners better understand and reach audiences, achieve accurate campaign attribution, and rely on accurate data with high match rates to reach new heights of client success.

Our comprehensive suite of marketing solutions helps agencies

  • Enable audience expansion
  • Understand your client’s customer base
  • Discover the real impact of client campaigns across platforms and devices
  • Elevate the customer experience with omnichannel marketing 

What you’ll accomplish with Experian’s agency partners

As an agency partner of Experian, we can help you access secure and privacy-focused data and comprehensive marketing services to drive results for your clients. Learn more about the benefits of our agency partner program below.

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Access and compatibility

Experian’s agency partners can tap into a wide range of benefits that facilitate trust, easy execution, and scalability. Experience the full potential of digital media with our comprehensive suite of platforms, including DSP, DMP, SSP, Data Marketplace, CTV, Audio, and Social. By integrating these platforms into your operations, your agency can tap into a diverse array of digital media channels, to help your clients reach audiences across various touchpoints.

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Identity resolution

Our identity resolution services allow your agency to seamlessly connect known and anonymous data points to develop an accurate understanding of consumer information to support campaign development for your clients. With our offline resolution, consumer information is connected back to a specific household or individual ID, providing a clear picture of their identity. Our digital resolution captures real-time online identifiers and resolves them into a single ID, allowing your agency to track and target individuals across different online platforms. 

Our agnostic approach future-proofs first-party data sets by capturing everything from CTV IDs and hashed emails to IPs and cookieless IDs. We ensure that data is accurate across any ID space and offer the best resolution and match rate.

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Our ability to accurately and efficiently resolve and enrich identities enhances our clients' campaign attribution, allowing for better insights and optimization opportunities.​ Our agency partners gain a deeper understanding of their client’s target audience and how and where the audience engages with their marketing campaigns. This helps to inform future cross-channel targeting and meaningful messaging strategies. 

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Syndicated audiences

With Experian’s agency partner program, you can tap into deep demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to supplement and enrich your consumer database. Build audiences with Experian's syndicated and custom segmentation that leverage Experian Marketing Data attributes.​ Our audiences are available for activation in your platform of choice.

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Custom audiences

As an Experian agency partner, you can unlock the power of data-driven marketing with Audiences@Experian.com. Our consultative approach uses infinite consumer attributes and combinations to optimize audience targeting and help you connect with new prospects you may have yet to consider. We not only help you identify your ideal audience, but also ensure seamless activation by effortlessly delivering that audience to any destination where you activate.

Our agency partnerships

Partnering with us can help you gain a competitive edge and revolutionize your strategies. Optimize audience targeting, elevate the customer experience, and more for your clients to ensure campaign success every time. 

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Become a partner

Becoming an agency partner of Experian gives you access to secure and privacy-focused data and identity services, providing your agency with a trustworthy and reliable source for valuable insights. Our suite of platforms also helps agencies take advantage of diverse digital media channels effectively. With Experian’s industry-leading expertise, your agency can revolutionize its strategies and drive better outcomes for your clients.

Helping marketers connect across the industry

We offer extensive marketing expertise across industries, helping businesses reach their intended audiences and achieve their marketing goals faster and more effectively. Here are our other partner platforms you may be interested in.

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Advanced television

Experian's partnership with advanced television platforms provides you with the tools and insights to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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Clean room

Working with our clean room partners you can confidently collaborate and analyze data from various sources to uncover meaningful patterns and make decisions.

demand side platform

Demand-side platform

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) help with audience targeting capabilities through our robust data solutions, allowing you to reach highly relevant audiences.

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Social media

Allow us to help you amplify your social media campaigns through data-driven targeting, audience segmentation, and performance optimization. 

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Supply-side platform

With our data quality, audience insights, and identity resolution solutions, SSP partners can use clean and standardized data to maximize revenue opportunities.

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