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Understand your customers

Learn more about your customers’ purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes with access to our over 100 credit and noncredit data connections. 

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Drive new business

Fill in the missing pieces in your single source data sets to target in-market buyers, niche demographic groups and past purchase behavior.

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Optimize your current strategies

Add third-party data to first- and second-party data sources to enrich customer profiles, better understand their needs, and enhance targeting and risk management efforts.

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Obtain actionable insights across channels

Our data is compiled directly from hundreds of sources to help you make better decisions, including: 

  • Consumer data  
  • Commercial data 
  • Fraud and verification data 
  • Mortgage data 
  • Automotive data  

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One-stop shop API access

Our API developer portal provides a single interface to access Experian and other third-party data to enable your latest innovations.

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Manage customer-centric risk

Leverage third-party data to obtain a more granular view of your customers and unveil actionable insights.

How we help clients

Successful business approaches begin with first understanding your customers and then engaging with them. With third-party data sources, you can better comprehend the complex characteristics of your customers. Insights from third-party data sets can be used to influence the entire customer life cycle, from growth and acquisition to remarketing and retention.

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International data

Ensure the accuracy of international information. 


Are you ready to (really) know your customers?

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