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For most credit unions, membership growth, deposit growth and portfolio loan diversification are significant needs. As fintechs continue to expand their product offerings and competition for prime borrowers intensifies, credit unions must evolve to maintain relevance with members and small businesses.

Finding opportunities for growth and differentiation is imperative to gain an edge in a crowded lending market. At Experian, our dedicated team is ready to help credit unions of all sizes advance their decisioning and services. As your trusted partner, our commitment is to provide data, solutions and credit union strategic planning that enable you to further grow, protect and serve within your field of membership.


Acquire members and deposits through segmentation and offers


Minimize fraud and credit losses while remaining compliant


Enhance the member experience and drive financial inclusion



On-demand webinar

Accelerating recovery with digital transformation

Watch Craig Wilson, Senior Director of Experian Advisory Services and our credit union industry partners discuss the top three issues effecting the credit union industry and share insights for using digital transformation to accelerate recovery during and following COVID-19.




Our credit union vertical specializes in:

  • Expanding and diversifying your loan portfolios
  • Building programs to attract and retain deposits
  • Executing recapture marketing campaigns
  • Improving automated lending decisions
  • Developing a personalized credit union strategy
  • Educating members to strengthen communities
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Experian's Commitment to Credit Unions

We have a team of industry experts dedicated to supporting our credit union partners.


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Learn how an advanced decisioning system can increase efficiency and improve member experience.

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