Reporting consumer and business data

By becoming a data furnisher and reporting credit data to Experian®, you can:

Reduce delinquency rates

Data furnishers are more likely to attain timely payments, reduce delinquencies and collect on bad debt.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Reward customers for their prompt payments by helping them build their credit history, strengthen their credit file and more easily reach their financial goals.

Manage credit risk

Access data reporting solutions and resources that help you make informed decisions and reliably reduce the daily risks you face while helping to improve profitability.

Meet regulatory expectations

Align with regulatory priorities and industry best practices to quickly resolve inaccuracies and protect your customers throughout their financial journey. 

Become a data furnisher and begin reporting today


Consumer data furnishing

Report data to help your consumers build their credit and reach their financial goals.


Commercial data reporting

Report commercial data to reduce commercial credit risk and minimize delinquencies.