Compliance is central to every part of Experian’s business

Data and reporting requirements

Manage data and reporting requirements more efficiently, including data quality and governance.

Capital requirements

Leverage our expertise in standardized financial regulatory compliance regulations that determine how much liquid capital must be held (e.g., Basel, Dodd-Frank, CCAR).

Identity, eligibility and economic rights

Refine your existing fraud and identity management processes to ensure that your organization meets layered approach expectations (e.g., CIP, red flags, FFIEC, KYC).

How we can help

Gain peace of mind by ensuring you’re meeting regulatory compliance across your business life cycle, including the application and account management processes. Perform customer due diligence to meet compliance regulations faster.

Boosting business with productive collaboration

Regulatory governance

Manage data and reporting requirements and have a trusted partner to ensure data quality and integrity.

Couple meeting with advisor


Stay compliant with key laws and regulations across the customer life cycle.

Perform customer due diligence to meet compliance regulations faster

Our deep expertise translates to those services which help our clients address their own compliance requirements. Across data, analytics and decisioning, we help clients benefit from our intelligent use of data through insight and extensive capabilities.

56% of financial institutions’ data doesn’t meet compliance regulations

Accuracy, security and delivery of data are critical components to compliance.

Expertise across the board

We have extensive capabilities in data, analytics and decisioning that can align with your compliance needs, including automation and efficiency and consistent decisioning criteria.

72% of financial institutions agree that inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience

Customer-centric service and experiences start with financial services compliance.

Know your customer (KYC)

We’re well positioned to help you attain a level of confidence to know your customers at both the consumer and commercial levels, as well as understanding the relationship between the consumer and commercial entity.


Check regulatory compliance off your list

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