Corporate social responsibility

Positive social and economic change through public education and charitable activity

Craig Boundy

At Experian, we encourage our employees to give back through work-time volunteerism, donations, and support for nonprofit organizations in our communities. As an organization, we work together every day to deliver on the good that data can do for our economy, people and society. The entire Experian team puts their hearts into the communities where we work and live, and this driving force helps us make a difference in the world.

--Craig Boundy, CEO, North America


Together we can make a difference

Experian is deeply committed to making an important difference in each of the communities in which we operate and live. By fostering lasting relationships with nonprofit organizations, funding local initiatives and providing community support, the company is able to champion a number of important causes while simultaneously promoting a strong culture of caring from within.

Public education

Working to increase consumer financial capability and well-being

Experian was the first in its industry to establish a dedicated consumer education program more than 20 years ago. Experian strives to reach people of all ages and demographics through financial literacy grants, producing a range of educational resources and engaging directly through social media. We are committed to helping people gain the knowledge they need to improve their financial capability and well-being.

Our report

How Experian helps

Experian publishes an annual Corporate Responsibility Report that outlines the company's activity around the globe. When employees volunteer, educate, donate and report, they help contribute to the region's efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Grants and Gifts in Kind

Society for Financial
Orange county
Credit Builders Alliance
Big Brothers Big Sistes
American Student
America Saves


Investing in consumer financial capability

Each year Experian awards a number of financial literacy grants to nonprofit organizations with innovative consumer education programs. Since 2015, Experian has contributed more than $1.5 million to financial education and financial capability programs serving a wide range of consumers including first-time workers, military personnel, youth, and the unbanked.

Gifts in kind

Extending our reach through partnerships

Experian is proud to sponsor a variety of gift-in-kind initiatives. We give back to nonprofits by sharing our expertise and providing products and services to support them in their mission to help those in need. Through the work of the company, we can help shape a better tomorrow for the world by using data for good.

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