Our Areas of Expertise

Integrating our foundations in data and analytics with industry-leading technology, we help organizations around the world manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. We support clients across many different markets, including financial services, direct-to-consumer, retail, telecommunications, automotive and more. Here are our areas of expertise:

Market Insight

With technology, competitors and customers changing daily, how do you gain insight into the market to predict future trends, stay ahead of these changes and grow your business? Assess your market performance and position, predict and plan for the future, and make better strategic and tactical decisions.

Customer Insight

Understanding your customers is key in acquiring new and retaining existing customers. Better define your target audience, find new customers and prescreen them, predict and understand customer behavior, and stay alert to your customers' key life events.

Credit Risk

How do you manage your risk when offering credit? Better understand the aggregate risk of the markets you are in, create appropriate credit risk policies, automate credit granting decisions, identify and retain profitable customers, and more.

Application Processing

How do you decide from an application if a consumer is worth taking on as a customer? Making the right decisions will depend on whether the potential customer is eligible for what he or she is applying for, the associated risk of fraud and determining his or her ability to reliably make repayments.

Fraud Detection

With the increasing reports of fraudulent activity, how are you protecting yourself and prioritizing your fraud investigations to minimize impact to your business and customers? Experian® can help you detect cases of fraud, automate fraud risk assessment and more.

Debt Management

How do you ensure payment of credit purchases without alienating valuable customers? Enhance your customer records to ensure you’re contacting the right customer, automate decision making, improve workflow, boost your customer experience and more.

Vehicle Identities

For most buyers, vehicles are second only to houses in terms of cost and significance. Learn more about how we can help confirm the identity of a vehicle, minimize the risk of purchasing a problem vehicle, or provide peace of mind and governance when selling a vehicle.