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Our DEI Commitment

We believe DEI is essential to our purpose. As well as focus on fostering a strong sense of belonging Experian’s internal culture reflects our dedication to building an environment where all employees feel welcome and know they can thrive.

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The Power of YOU

We are building a culture where everyone is comfortable bringing their whole self to work. A place where we not only respect our differences and values, but celebrate them in a positive and supportive environment.

Fostering Belonging

Experian CSR

Experian is committed to reaching 100 million additional consumers by 2025 via social innovation products and services. As a company, we are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Work that works for you

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At Experian we are committed to building an inclusive culture and to creating an environment where people can balance successful careers with their commitments and interests outside of work. We care about work that works, whether that’s about where you work or adjusting your hours to better fit with your life. Our flexible working practices, including our hybrid working model where employees can split their working time between the office and their home, support our belief that this balance brings long-lasting benefits for our business as well as our people. Please discuss what works for you during the hiring process.

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Experian Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs are company-supported networks set up and run by employees, for employees. These locally based groups, and global groups, are not only building and celebrating identity within Experian, but also furthering our continual focus on seeking to understand each other's diverse experiences.


Women in Experian, the very first Experian Resource Group, is a powerful community that spans business units and functions. It aims to improve gender equity for women by creating development opportunities and space to connect and grow.


Black Professionals is a community for our Black colleagues and allies to come together in one place to acknowledge and tackle issues related to race and unconscious bias within our workplace, helping create a fairer and more equal Experian.


The goal behind Experian Pride Network is to enable LGBTQ+ employees to feel the support of our entire organisation. It aims to affirm Experian’s support for LGBTQ+ employees, aiming to create a better tomorrow through empowerment and inclusion with the support of allies.


everyMIND aims to raise awareness of mental health conditions, reduce stigma and foster a preventative culture at Experian.


he Working Families Network is a support network open to all types of families be it new parents, parents of toddlers and teens, single parents, grandparents and those with caring responsibilities, including elder care.  It aims to support those who are balancing work with being a parent or carer.


Juntos, the Hispanic and Latino ERG, is Supporting and being a source ofinspiration and pride for all who are Hispanic-Latino, their culture, their families and communities


The Asian-American ERG is committed to empowering the Asian American Pacific Islander community to flourish and reach its full potential.


Namaste, celebrates and raises awareness of the diverse culture of the Indian subcontinent.  It aims to celebrate the lives of Experian's employees from the South Asian/Indian subcontinent.

disAbility logo

disAbility aims to provide a safe space for people to share experiences are learn about disabilities.

Reach Experian ERG logo

Reach (Recognising ethnic and cultural heritage) celebrates and shares experiences of colleagues from different ethnic and cultural heritage backgrounds in UK&I.

Forever Young ERG logo

Forever Young aims to promote dialogue from the perspective of different generations.

DEI logo

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion aims to bring together different collaborators and partners interested in the daily construction of our DEI culture. 


Ubuntu empowers Black people at Serasa Experian to discuss ethnic-racial problems and ways to build their careers.


The Veterans ERG is a source of inspiration and pride for all who have served in the Armed Forces here at Experian and those who support them. It aims to support and honour our veterans and their families in addition to establishing local partnerships with veteran-focused organisations.


Our community is for anyone who wants to know more about menopause, for themselves or to help support anyone going through it, in their personal lives or at work. Join for support, guidance and lots of fun.


Aspire is building a supportive community that addresses and advocates for those with physical challenges or mental health concerns, and supports caregivers.

Black at Experian ERG

ERG Spotlight

Pride Network

The purpose of the Experian Pride Network is Group is to ensure all LGBTQ+ employees feel the support of our entire organisation. It aims to affirm Experian’s support for LGBTQ+ employees, aiming to create a better tomorrow through empowerment and inclusion with the support of allies.

This year, during Pride month, the Pride Network held an excellent webinar with We Create Space, which focused on Embracing and Understanding Trans and Non-Binary People’s Needs in the Workplace, and highlighted the experiences of some of our trans and non-binary employees.

We also recently attended the Stonewall Equality Dinner to celebrate the progress that has been made in the struggle for LGBTQ+ people’s human rights in the UK and across the world.

Over the next year, we have a lot of exciting events celebrations coming up, including marking Trans Awareness Week in November, and LGBTQ+ History Month in February.

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Our Cultural Values - 'The Experian Way'

Hiring and retaining inspired employees is the secret to our success. We have five principles we call The Experian Way that give us a roadmap to be the kind of company you want to work for. The Experian Way is a set of behaviors and expectations consistent with our cultural values.

Experian Way Value

Delight Customers

We expect our employees to highly value the needs of our clients and consumers. At the heart of this behavior is nurturing these important relationships, going the extra mile and taking accountability for our actions. But we aren’t alone. In understanding the Experian Way, we recognize we must support each other in our quest to delight customers.

Experian Way Value

Innovate to Grow

We want employees at every level to be questioning how we can do things better. All of us have the power of transformative thinking. Inspired employees – those unafraid to take risks and get out of their comfort zone -- drive innovation at Experian. Understanding that it’s okay to fail, as long as we correct and learn something from the effort.

Experian Way Value

Collaborate to Win

To meet our mission to create better tomorrows, we want employees who can feed off the passion, strengths and capabilities of each other. Doing so means we are inspired to create exciting new ways to serve our clients and consumers. Successful collaboration means trust and embracing different perspectives so great things can happen working together.

Experian Way Value

Safeguarding Our Future

The issues of data security, privacy and fraud are always on the minds of our customers. Experian understands the immense responsibility we have to safeguard data. The importance of our role as stewards of data must never be taken for granted. We expect every employee to take seriously our role as guardians for the protection of personal data

Experian Way Value

Value Each Other

We expect every employee to treat one another with respect, trust and integrity. It starts with our leadership who exhibit this behavior every day. It’s about embracing diversity, learning from one another, overcoming barriers, and delivering for Experian’s customers, communities and society. It also means recognizing and celebrating our performance and achievements. 

Humans of Experian

In the spirit of valuing each other and embracing our differences, Humans of Experian is a series that celebrates diversity through the unique stories of our employees.

Meet Dacy Yee

Meet Grace Jakubowski

Meet Thomas Berg

Global Employee Insights

85 percent

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People who feel theat Experian is a Great Place to Work

93 percent


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89 percent

Recommend to a Friend

People who are proud to tell others that they work for Experian (Source: Glassdoor)

49 percent

Gender Equity

49% of our employees are women

Investing in YOU

Career Hub

Experian's best-in-class Career Hub makes it easy and convenient to find career development resources, internal job opportunities and learning & development solutions – all in a single place

Experian University is the next phase of our development proposition. It’s made up of Academies that focus on different topics, offering personalised learning pathways, so there’s something for everyone. Current Academies:

Essentials Academy

GenAI Academy

Cloud Academy

Elevate - Our contemporary development platform. You can be a 'learn-it-all' at Experian with easy access to over 5,000 on-demand courses and bite-size learning content. Expand your knowledge at your pace.

With social learning, you can connect with brilliant colleagues across Experian to exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences. Find a mentor, speak to a career guide or take up a gig opportunity to learn in the flow of work and supercharge your development.

A one stop place for Experian Leaders to Discover, Learn and Connect.

Exceptional curated content and resources to help your leadership development journey; self-assessment tools, featured learning materials, podcasts and an array of thought leadership.

We promote being lifelong learners. Annually we host a company wide development week offering an exciting mix of inspirational internal and external speakers, bitesize learning events and insights into career resources and tools.


Ellyn Troup

“Experian is a great place to work because we get to be innovative with products and how we market them. I was recently promoted to GTM Senior Marketing Manager and can’t wait to use my new role to help the consumer"

Doug Kelsall

"Even after 5 years I'm loving it at Experian. The culture is truly exceptional and working with brilliant colleagues daily is inspiring"

Nada Abubaker

"What I love about working at Experian is the collaborative spirit and opportunity for growth. People here take ownership in contributing to a positive team environment - learning lessons together and suceeding together"

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