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Driving Innovation

Our driving force of successful innovation is our employees. We foster a culture of continuous innovation; from the way we work to the solutions we create. 

Join our team of creators and innovators, working to build a better tomorrow. 

Women in Tech

Advancing Women Leaders in Technology is our leadership program working to accelerate the development of female leaders across Experian. Participants learn about removing barriers faced by women in technology and the importance of diversity and inclusion.  

An Experian employee engages virtually with Craig Boundy at Octane's Tech Innovation Forum

Craig Boundy at Octane's Tech Innovation Forum

Craig Boundy, CEO of Experian North America is introduced at Octane's Tech Innovation Forum 2021 by Michele Bodda, President of Experian Mortgage and Employer Solutions. Craig chats with Bill Carpou, CEO of Octane, on innovation, leadership, and creating an inclusive culture that allows employees to bring their whole selves to work.

a diverse group of people in an office meeting, smiling and laughing

Experian Ascend: Data on Demand

The Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ is our modern technology foundation, delivered in a secure, hosted ecosystem, that integrates client data, industry-specific data feeds and the power of Experian’s unique capabilities in data, analytics, machine learning and advanced AI to deliver enhanced opportunities throughout your customer lifecycle.

Experian Exec Talks

Experian Exec Talks: The Role of AI

The importance of AI’s role in innovation in the financial services. Chatbots, reduction of manual processes and explainability were all hot topics in a recent discussion between Madhurima Khandelwal, VP & Head of DataLabs at AMEX, and Eric Haller, Executive VP & head of Experian DataLabs. 

Our Tech Centers

Serasa Datalab

Our Datalabs

Experian Data Labs is staffed with a multidisciplinary group of data scientists with expertise in advanced analytics and machine learning, as well as other advanced statistical methods, that collaborate to solve strategic marketing and risk-management problems


Hyderabad Tech Hub

Experian Hyderabad Global Innovation Center is a Product Engineering Hub housing Software, Product Development, and Data & Analytics specialists, supporting Business Units and regions on a global scale. Established in 2019, Hyderabad GIC is growing at a rapid pace, on the path to becoming one of Experian’s largest Innovation Hubs globally.

What We Do

Machine Learning and AI

Maximize the power of our artificial intelligence and machine learning to simulate human behavior and achieve product innovation efficiencies.

Big Data Analytics

Leverage Experian’s rich credit data to derive insights using big data and advanced analytics capabilities. 

Cloud Platform Infrastructure

Adopt and implement out cloud strategy with self service capabilities built on our resilient available and secure platform

Full Stack Development

Kick start your career with exciting application development opportunities using modern technologies ranging from mobile/UI to back-end databases. 

Security and Architecture

Accelerate innovation, maximize re-use, following Experian’s security first approach to architect new products and solutions for our clients..

UI/UX Design

Build, implement and test engaging product experiences for our portfolio of responsive web and native mobile apps.

Five Pillars of Engineering Excellence



- Foster innovation and deliver exciting products

- Launch new products faster across cloud tech stacks

- Strengthen the core - Boost, CPD, Clarity, Mortgage

- Unleash the power of Ascend Data Services 



- Empower Teams and Improve Productivity

- Drive Agile Maturity to support Innovation

- Productivity with our large scale tech modernization program (NIKE)

- Drive operational excellence using SRE, DevSecOps, Cloud and MLOps for faster cycle time



- Drive synergies and collaboration

- Spearhead Ascend Global platform roll-outs 

- Co-Develop products with BU’s & Data Labs 

- Leverage shared service & common architectural principles in partnership with EITS



- Manage a Secure, Scalable, and Resilient Platform

- Accelerate our modernization journey 

- Deliver fresh data with streaming & event-based solutions

- Drive Platform Stickiness

- Drive Ascend growth with deep engineering and cost efficiencies



- Grow, Hire and Invest in Our Talent

- Implement 'bar raisers' to hire and grow top talent

- Embrace the change 

- Foster a culture of learning by doing and hackathons

- Achieve “follow the sun” model to continue to build our Development Center in Hyderabad

Experian Creators

An image of Ravi Devesetti - Chief Technology Officer CIS

Ravi Devesetti - Chief Technology Officer CIS

Experian has some of the most amazing people I’ve worked with. This creates a culture of learning, opportunities to build innovative products, hackathons, and lots of wonderful resources for employees. It’s a thriving, safe culture while continuously changing to improve and raise the bar.

An image of Debbie Chamkasem - Global IT Sr. Director

Debbie Chamkasem - Vice President, Global Technology Programs

I graduated from UCLA with BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and have always loved technology. Right after college I worked at PwC doing consulting, worked at a startup, went back to consulting and then found Experian. I’ve been here for over 15 years now. Currently, I lead the Platform Evangelism team. We are responsible for building adoption of our IT platforms with a focus on customer experience. I love what I do! 

Image of Victor Vargas

Engineer Accelerator Program

This fast track 24-month technology rotation program recruits talented computer engineers from reputable universities and assigns them challenging projects across Experian business units. We are seeking high performing and motivated full-stack software engineers who want the opportunity to develop their skills through diverse assignments, within a global organization.

"This program has provided me with the opportunity, not only to put my degree to the test, but to polish my skills and learn new ones. It showed me that with dedication I am capable of more than I thought, while at the same time showing me there is still a lot to learn"  Victor Vargas

Putting People First

The different backgrounds and experiences that our employees bring to their teams drive innovation and create an inspiring workplace. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We can only become seasoned and successful innovators through real world practice.

Experian hosts Global and Regional hackathons that give our teams the opportunity to collaborate and innovate together to solve problems. Our global hackathons have been introduced to find new ideas and concepts to help our clients, consumers, and vulnerable communities. Learn more below about the solutions currently being developed from the winners of this category.

Minority Business ID

Problem to be solved

Helping our financial and trade clients identify minority-owned businesses in order to help them diversify their supply chain.


Using third-party data in combination with analytics we are able to identify minority-owned businesses, genders and if they attended historically black colleges and universities.

Serasa Avisa

Problem to be solved

Our Brazilian business (Serasa Experian) found some people struggle to understand the information on our consumer platform and choose the product that’s right for them.


We’re creating a financial education product to help people improve their financial health. It suggests the best actions for people to take to improve their financial health and maintain their credit scores, and also helps them reduce their debts.

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