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Our uniqueness is that we truly value yours. We focus on what truly matters; diversity and inclusion, work/life balance, development, innovation, collaboration, wellness, reward & recognition, volunteering

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4500 people, 30+ countries. Experian EMEA APAC is blending data science, design thinking & creativity to build impactful solutions. How we work is as important as what we do, and when combined with our sense of purpose, helps us achieve remarkable things

EMEA APAC Showcase

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People and Culture awards

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Meet some of our EMEA APAC Leaders

An image of Malin Holmberg - CEO

Malin Holmberg


An image of Cormac Dunne - CFO

Cormac Dunne


An image of Emma Knowler - CHRO

Emma Knowler


Your Choice Benefits


Your Money

 Your personalised digital reward statement shows you Experian's investment in you. 

Experian Sharesave (a monthly saving plan over 3-5 years with the opportunity to become a company shareholder at a discounted price at the end of the saving period)

Your Development

Investment in your development so you can be a #learn-it-all with easy access to over 5,000 on-demand courses and bite-size content to choose from

Your Health

Experian's Employee Assistance Program with 24/7 counselling and life services.

Donate to or apply for a financial support grant for when an unexpected life event happens.

Visit our seasonal health kiosks across our region for free health checks


Annmarie Forrester

Anmarie Forrester

HR Director ANZ


Experian offers great career opportunities to its people, encouraging and supporting them to explore new opportunities, whether that’s through internal promotion or a change of role to try something new in a different business unit. Working for a multinational company enables global mobility across regions too which is really exciting and valuable from a career perspective

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