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We support our communities’ needs through volunteering, giving and strategic programs.

Heart of Experian

Our spirit of corporate responsibility is embodied through the Heart of Experian, our community involvement initiative mobilizing our employees to drive positive impact by contributing to causes important to them. Employees contribute via work-time volunteer opportunities, charitable donations and other support for nonprofit organizations.

In fiscal year 2024, our North America employees contributed over 28,100 volunteer hours and raised $853,000 through our matching gifts program for more than 1750 nonprofit organizations. Through initiatives like these, and many others, we can make a positive difference in our communities.

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How we're contributing

Matching gifts program

Heart of Experian matches employee contributions to nonprofit organizations and schools up to $500 per fiscal year. Additionally, for each volunteer hour an employee tracks, the nonprofit receives from $25 up to $1,000 per year.

Volunteer time off

Our best-in-class volunteerism program provides every employee with 16 hours of paid volunteer time off per year to support organizations important to them.

Employees creating change

Experian employee resource groups help drive our initiatives

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

ERGs help drive our Heart of Experian initiatives. In fiscal year 2024, our mental and physical health and caregivers ERG raised $152,000 for local organizations during their annual ASPIRE Charity Golf Tournament for local organizations. This is just a one example of our North America ERGs supporting diverse communities within Experian.

Community Champions tie together all of Experian's philanthropic efforts

Community Champions

We couldn’t reach as many nonprofit organizations as we do without the support of our Community Champions. This network of rockstar colleagues is committed to going above and beyond to support the Heart of Experian. They represent various ERGs, business units and geographic locations and drive grassroots volunteer, giving and social innovation efforts across their teams.

Experian employees using their volunteer time off

Experian's Got Your Back

Experian’s Got Your Back is our Orange County, California facility’s signature volunteer event conducted in partnership with Giving Children Hope. Each year, Experian employees fill over 1,000 backpacks with meals for children and their families facing food insecurity in Orange County.

United for Financial Health (UFH)

We've reached more than 35 million underserved people since 2020 through our partnerships, and that's only the start.

Operation HOPE

Operation HOPE is uplifting disenfranchised youth and adults from poverty to thriving in a credit ecosystem. With their education and counseling programs, and our credit education, capability and services like Experian Boost, we provide critical credit access.


The Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represents and provides access to 30,000 Orange County Hispanic-owned businesses. Experian supports their mission through scholarship funding and mentorship for youth members, as well as ongoing credit education.



Our partnership with SaverLife empowers low-income individuals to improve their credit scores while increasing their savings. Experian Boost™ is introduced to members, aiming to promote financial education and improve financial well-being.


Financial Health Pathways is a nonprofit that introduces the concept of financial health to underserved, lower-income consumers who are more vulnerable to predatory credit practices and have the most to lose from financial mistakes.

Discover United for Financial Health

Experian launched United for Financial Health to empower people to improve their financial health through education and action.

Experian sustainability goals

Environmental sustainability

As an information services company, Experian’s environmental footprint is relatively small, but we have a big commitment to environmental sustainability. We want to help protect the planet for future generations and have set ambitious goals to back up that mission.

Going carbon neutral by 2030

Our commitment is to be carbon neutral by 2030 by cutting energy use, switching to renewables, reducing business travel and investing in high-quality projects to offset remaining emissions. Fiscal year 2021 was the first year in which we offset a portion of our emissions, by 20% in fact, with the goal of reaching 100% in fiscal year 2025.  We’ve been working with a team of experts and stakeholders across the business to help prepare our roadmap to carbon neutrality.

Reducing emissions

In our most recent annual report 2021, we published science-based targets (SBTs), outlining carbon reduction targets which follow specific climate science criteria as assessed by the SBT initiative (SBTi). These aim to reduce our direct emissions as well as those created by generating the electricity, steam, heating and cooling we need to run our operations by 50.1% by 2030, in line with climate science and the goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Our 15% emission reduction target by 2030 for the emissions also meets the SBTi’s criteria and current best practices.

Experian volunteer leadership network in action

Experian Volunteer Leadership Network

EVLN increases Experian’s presence in the community by creating nonprofit board and other volunteer leadership opportunities for our employees. As part of this yearlong program, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of how to engage as a nonprofit volunteer leader through interactive virtual training. They then have the opportunity to ignite their passions through service at a nonprofit that aligns with Experian’s business goals and strategies. EVLN creates a volunteer leadership network within Experian, further increasing innovation, connection and engagement both internally and externally. 

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