We help organizations build advanced analytics solutions and modeling capabilities

Differentiated data

We offer extensive amounts of consumer and commercial data, delivered in a range of ways to easily integrate into your business processes.

Off-the-shelf to custom analytics

With numerous commercially available attribute sets, scores and models, businesses can choose where to focus. Build your own custom attributes and scores? We can support that too. With Experian’s custom analytics, your marketing campaigns will have deeper insights and yield maximum returns.


Take advantage of the latest tools and capabilities to support business intelligence, analytics, model development and deployment.


With unmatched industry experience, we have been building proprietary advanced analytical solutions and developing models since 1976. Additionally, we share deep insights with our clients.

How we can help

We’re leaders in analytics and machine learning (ML). Our team of data scientists and statistical consultants helps organizations transition from traditional methods to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and ML approaches. In addition, part of our foundation is our offering of raw data, tools and capabilities needed to power your advanced analytics team.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Enable organizations to make the most of ethical and explainable AI.

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Analytical decisioning

Engage an effective approach for decisioning processes.

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Analytics and models

Give insight and manage processes with analytics and models.

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Business intelligence

Transform inaccurate data into validated and accurate data to strengthen decision-making and leverage accurate data.

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Data sources

Differentiated data sources include marketing data, traditional credit and trended data, alternative financial services data, property data for mortgage and automotive lending, and much more.

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Data discovery and analysis

Analyze and identify relationships across your data to uncover hidden insights, outliers and issues.

Our approach to advanced data analytics is better, faster and smarter

Experian offers a full suite of off-the-shelf advanced analytics services, with attributes, scores and models you won’t find anywhere else.

Industry-leading attributes

Experian has a wide breadth of consumer and commercial attributes to expand your insights while meeting attribute governance and explainability requirements. 

Compliance and regulatory expertise

We have 40+ years of experience building credit risk models using the latest analytics technology. We focus on explainable, compliant and ethical AI and modeling.

Built to be deployable

Our models satisfy client and regulatory governance processes and can be implemented through multiple delivery channels from web services and decisioning software to legacy systems.


We use the latest ML techniques (like XGBOOST and neural networks) when appropriate and more traditional ML techniques (like decision trees, segmentation and regression) in many cases.

Augmented intelligence

Our solutions provide insight for a decision-maker, or they can be delivered as part of a fully automated decisioning solution.

Feature engineering

Our data engineers offer best practice attribute management strategies, world-leading feature sets and even specialized software for accessing data and developing stable features that make ML possible.

Frequently asked questions

Going beyond traditional business intelligence solutions, advanced analytics automates the examination of data to unlock greater insights that can increase predictiveness and optimize decisioning.

Advanced data analytics analyzes large volumes of data through an array of sophisticated techniques.These methods can include predictive analytics, neural networks, machine learning algorithms and mathematical optimization modeling — just to name a few.

Advanced analytics solutions can help organizations drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience while supporting business goals. Deeper insights can help businesses understand their customers and their behavior better, so they can identify opportunities, mitigate risk and fraud, deliver the right products to the right people, and provide a personalized service.


Let’s take your analytics and modeling capabilities to new heights and unlock your data’s potential

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