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Transformation in energy and utilities

To keep up with today’s changing economic environment, utility providers must evolve and refine their existing strategies and tactics. As a trusted partner in the utilities industry, Experian strives to help drive success for the regulated, deregulated, solar and alternative energy markets.

Our strategic end-to-end solutions assist you through every phase of the customer lifecycle, from initial search to final payment. By leveraging our predictive analytics and comprehensive data you can streamline your processes and make better decisions.




Define the next normal

Watch how Experian can help utilities companies forge ahead through challenging times.


Customer lifecycle solutions

Learn how we can help your organization through every stage of the lifecycle.

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Customer onboarding for utilities

Gain a more holistic customer view.

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Customer engagement for utilities

Cater to customers’ communication preferences.

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Utilities collections and recoveries

Successfully retrieve payment from your customers.

Our best-in-class services help utilities companies:

  • Deepen relationships with, and retain, valuable customers
  • Implement tools that allow you to do more, with less
  • Maximize your collections process to improve account profitability 
  • Mitigate increased risk exposure with enhanced decisioning 
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