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Target smarter

It’s become increasingly difficult, and often expensive, for solar energy companies to identify and contact the right consumers. Our robust data and solutions help solar utilities providers more easily extend offers and lower customer acquisition costs.

Featured solutions for solar energy

Leverage our best-in-class solar energy services to achieve a more granular view of your consumer, while keeping their sensitive information secure.

Batch Prescreen

Send pre-approvals to door-to-door sales teams without sharing customer’s sensitive information.

Premier Attributes℠

Better understand customers’ full behavior for improved decisioning with Premier Attributes. 

Identity verification

Use identity verification to identify and authenticate users across the customer lifecycle.


Qualify consumers for credit and services in real time at the point of contact with Prequalification.

Meet the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape

with our utility solutions to enhance your processes and capabilities.


Gain insights

Blog post: What is prescreen?

Learn how prescreen can help you increase response rates and conversions.

Identify customers

Report: Global identity and fraud

Gain insight on consumers’ and businesses perspectives on fraud and ID.

Mitigate fraud

Webinar: Identify customers

Gain insight into mitigating fraud losses and adapting to emerging trends.

Learn how our services can help streamline your utilities operations.

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