Customer segmentation serves as the foundation for a successful utility debt collections strategy. But to segment your customers effectively, you must have the right data and systems at your disposal. With our field collection services, you can analyze and determine the optimal collection strategy for each customer, given competing business objectives.

Field collections solutions

Leverage our field collection services to manage your resources more efficiently and make better decisions.

Marketswitch Optimization

Group customers based on similar traits and create macro segment data profiles with Marketswitch Optimization.

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Manage collections

Perspective paper: Debt collections during COVID-19

Learn how to effectively navigate the collections ecosystem amidst COVID-19.

Marketswitch video

Gain insight

Video: Introducing Marketswitch Optimization

Gain insight into how you can use big data to enhance your decisioning.

Enhance decisioning

On-demand webinar: Focusing the lens on collections

Make better data-driven collections decisions across the customer lifecycle.

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