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Gain insights into a potential renter’s credit report, employment and payment history to bring the right renters home

Experian® is an industry-leading provider of tenant verification services and background check solutions. Landlords, real estate agents, and property management companies can quickly determine the risk of new applicants by leveraging our data on more than 245 million individuals, along with partner data.

Every 24 hours, RentBureau receives updated rental payment history data from property owners/managers, electronic rent payment services and collection companies and makes that information available immediately to the multifamily industry through our resident screening solutions. This quick turnaround and robust data impact every point of decision making – from identifying higher-quality residents and improving bad-debt recovery to streamlining the collections process so businesses can build positive renter relationships.

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The best screening decisions begin with the best information

Experian’s flexible decisioning tools provide accurate and comprehensive credit and non-credit data so that platform providers, property owners and managers, financial institutions and property management companies can determine the risk of rental applicants and make an informed decision.

Comprehensive renter data

Experian is the only credit bureau incorporating rental history data into tenant screening reports, along with background and credit check data to give a complete view of a renter. 

Holistic risk reduction

Maintain occupancy rates and reduce losses with verified renter information and tools to predict the likelihood of non-payment while remaining compliant with FCRA guidelines and Fair Housing rules.

Increase operational efficiency

Our solutions allow screeners to save time and money with a single inquiry to a single trusted partner and online tools that eliminate steps and the paperwork required to verify information.


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