Modernize your tenant screening process with Experian and Zillow

We put you in control while ensuring transparency for renters.

Step into the future of tenant screening

Say goodbye to outdated screening methods and discover a modern solution that puts you in control while helping ensure transparency for renters. Whether you need a tenant credit check through Experian ConnectSM or a comprehensive screening solution from Zillow® and Experian®, we make the process seamless and convenient. 

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Tenant Credit Report

Experian credit report

Fill vacancies quickly by inviting prospective tenants to share their credit securely with Experian Connect.

  • Experian credit report and score
  • Free for landlords
  • Affordable fees for applicants
  • Manage connections


*Applicants will receive an invitation to apply and will be required to respond to the email for results to be delivered.

Tenant Screening Report from Zillow

All-in-one application and tenant screening report from Zillow

Get Experian’s credit report, PLUS a full rental application and income verification.

  • Experian credit report and score
  • Free for landlords
  • Affordable fees for applicants
  • Manage connections
  • Full rental application 
  • Residence history
  • Background checks
  • Income verification

View a sample report here.


Why choose our tenant screening services?

Quick and reliable results

We understand the importance of timely decisions based on verified information. Our services help provide fast tenant screening helping you to make informed choices swiftly.

Consumer-permissioned screening

We prioritize your tenants’ privacy. Our services are consumer-permissioned, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations while safeguarding sensitive data.  

Options to suit your needs

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your preferences. Want to focus on credit history? You can choose a simple, straightforward solution through Experian with Experian Connect or opt for a comprehensive package including tenant background check with Zillow.

Man and woman smiling in living room

What sets us apart? Tenant empowerment.

With our tenant screening services, renters have the ability to review their credit and background reports before submitting and sharing their rental applications. This ensures transparency and fosters a sense of responsibility among potential tenants.

We’ve also been a reliable source for credit data services for years, known for our commitment to accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction. Join countless landlords and key rental housing stakeholders who’ve made us their trusted partner.

A shared commitment

Experian and Zillow are dedicated to addressing the specific needs of landlords and property management companies while prioritizing the interests of renters. With this collaboration, renters gain the unprecedented ability to access and review a comprehensive screening report before it’s shared with a potential landlord or property of interest. Experian and Zillow both firmly believe in empowering consumers by granting them access to their screening data; the capacity to review and rectify it when necessary; and, ultimately, the power to share it for decision-making purposes. This relationship ensures a mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders involved in the rental transaction.


Frequently asked questions

Experian Connect is designed for landlords and renters, offering a service that enables you to request and access information of individuals who grant permission. While versatile for various industries, it is especially valuable for landlords assessing prospective tenants. When you view a credit report and score through Experian Connect, you can be sure you’re accessing precise information directly from Experian.

An Experian Connect credit report can be used to screen tenants or prospective renters. It includes a complete credit history and credit score.

No, anyone can use Experian Connect to share or request credit, including renters and landlords who have received a consumer’s permission to access the information. Our services are available to individuals who:

  • Have a Social Security Number

  • Are at least 18 years old

  • Do not have a security freeze or fraud alert on their credit

A comprehensive tenant screening report from Zillow includes an Experian credit report, plus Zillow’s residence history, background check, and income and employment verification check.

Zillow’s tenant background check typically includes a national criminal search, sex offender search and eviction history. You can view a sample of Zillow’s CIC tenant background check here.

Running a tenant credit check is a practice that helps landlords make informed decisions when assessing financial responsibility, reduces financial risk and helps protect their investments while ensuring a fair and transparent tenant selection process.

This means that individuals have the ability to grant explicit permission for Experian to provide their credit and personal information with third parties, typically for specific purposes. These reports are generated with the consumer’s consent and are often used in situations such as credit inquiries, rental applications, employment screening and identity verification. The key aspect of consumer permissioned reports is that the individual has control over who can access their credit and personal information and when.

To interact with someone else through this service, you first must go through a three-step invitation process. This process allows both parties to confirm they know and trust the other before authorizing the view of important information, such as a credit report. Successfully completing the invitation process creates a link between the two accounts, and each party is now a connection to the other.

No. When you order or show your credit report and score to your connections, it’s logged as, what we call, a “soft inquiry.”

Yes. In fact, if you’re a small or independent business, it’s important to know your personal credit information, too.