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The best screening decisions begin with the best information

Go beyond credit checks to gain a holistic view of prospective tenants to make improved, compliant leasing decisions. As an industry-leading provider of tenant screening services, we're the only credit bureau incorporating rental history data into tenant screening reports, along with background and credit check data to give a complete view of a renter. Our tenant screening solutions also provides real-time employment and income verification, reducing the burden of manual processes.

Minimize your rental risk

With the right insights, we can help you avoid serial skippers while improving default rates.

6x higher default rate

among renters with two or more prior defaults

35% likelihood

that serial skippers will default again

32% improved default rate

by renting to individuals with positive rental payment history

Insights to help bring the right renter home

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Tenant screening reports and scores

Gain a complete view of prospective tenants and predict future rent-payment information.

real estate agent reviewing a tenants employment and income verification

Employment and income verification

Reduce manual processes by instantly verifying a prospective tenant’s income and employment.

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Background data search

We provide instant access to the largest nationwide housing court database with more than 36+ million records available on criminal offense history.

real estate agent meeting with couple discussing positive rental payment history

Renter payment history

By renting to individuals with positive rental payment history, landlords can help avoid serial skippers and approve more qualified tenants.

Are you an individual landlord or renter looking for your credit report?

Experian Connect makes it easy to run a rental credit check


Rent is the single largest monthly expense for many households, yet many responsible renters do not receive credit for on-time payments. Learn how reporting rental payment data can empower consumers improve their financial wellbeing.

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Case study: Streamlining income verification through automation

Dive into the incredible results AppFolio saw after using Experian AccountView™.

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Article: How to eliminate the burden of manual screening

Learn how automation eliminates risk and fuels faster approval of prospective tenants.

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Blog: Streamlining the rental application process

Improved resident screening methods is the future of rental application screening.

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Sample report: Rental tradeline summary

View an example of how rental payments will display on your tenant credit report.

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