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Advanced identity and authentication solutions to mitigate tenant fraud

Rental housing demand is on the rise, as is rental application fraud. For many property managers and landlords, authenticating applicant information and spotting fraudulently altered documents is manual and increasingly more difficult. As one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of fraud and identity solutions, we have advanced identity and authentication technology to help you combat tenant application fraud.

63 percent

of respondents report an increase in fake paystubs

Source: Entrata Report

40 percent

of consumers expect identity authentication without sharing personal data

Source: Experian Global Insights Report

59 percent

of consumers have increased expectations for strong invisible securities

Source: Experian Global Insights Report

Deliver a digital, frictionless application process while mitigating renter risk

Accepting tenants based on falsified information poses a great risk to landlord and property owners. With the right tools in place, rental-housing providers can confidently authenticate and approve rental applicants while providing a frictionless application process.

man submitting rental application form

Minimize application errors

Reduce data quality issues and meet renter expectations with digital form fill.

co workers review rental application

Reduce manual document review

Validate real-time, verification of income and employment records.

business people meeting at table

Authenticate consumer identities

Quickly verify and accurately pinpoint falsified personal information.

co workers reviewing tenant credit report

Use accurate credit reports

Access the highest quality consumer credit data, credit profiles and background data.

Why Experian?

  • We helped our clients screen more than 15 billion fraud events. That’s over 3,300 events per second.
  • Our fraud solutions help prevent $34 million in fraud losses per day.
  • Our identity authentication products have an overall 90% pass rate and average more than 95% in the Rental Housing Industry.
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