For utility providers, effective energy efficiency programs are a vital function that enable consumers to obtain the assistance they critically need during peak seasons.

Our data and solutions help you more easily gauge a consumer’s ability to pay and determine if they qualify for financial assistance, incentives, rebates or tax credits to assist with paying for their utility bills or ancillary services. 



Strengthening your customer assistance programs

Adopt a comprehensive customer contact strategy to sustain long-term relationships.


Energy efficiency program solutions

Leverage our best-in-class data to help reduce past-due balances and promote inclusion.

Income Insight℠

Leverage Income Insight to assess a customer’s complete financial picture.


Learn more about your customers and enhance decisioning with ConsumerView.

Analytical consulting services

Drive growth and enhance your current strategies with our analytical consulting services.

Contact us and discover how we can help your business.

Our dedicated utilities team is on hand to help you improve your outreach and provide relief to those who need it most.


Tip sheet

How to optimize your energy efficiency programs

Learn how you can more accurately assess your customers’ ability to pay and contact them for resolution.

On-demand webinar

Utilizing consumer data for effective targeting

Discover the benefits of leveraging consumer data to create targeted energy efficiency programs.

Blog post

Utilities Q&A perspective series

Experian experts discuss how to improve contact strategies and minimize costs.

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